Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iran Oil Embargo Agreed by EU

Reuters reported today that the European governments have agreed in principle to ban imports of Iranian oil. Diplomats said a previous objection by Greece, which gets a third of its oil from Iran, has been dropped [Reuters, 4 January].

EU countries buy about 450,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Iran's 2.3 million bpd in exports, making the bloc the second largest market for Iranian crude after China. France has said it wants the EU embargo agreed at a meeting of the bloc's foreign ministers at the end of January.


Anonymous said...

there is no sense of problem-solving left in this regime (Khamenei and his circle); like compulsive gamblers they are playing with the future of the country and have lost all control over themselves in their unability to read and care about the reality, the rationality and/or the country; its truly disgusting ...

Anonymous said...

Same as when Iran nationalized the Oil Industry.

The British initiated an embargo and with the help of some illiterate "Dahati" (bought Shahparast) reinstated a dictator (Shah)to run the business of cheap OIL.

Irans Democracy was destroyed.... BUT, Not this time. We shall never allow the same this time.

As I said, Die on your feet than live on your knees. (its contagious and the rest of the region shall follow)

Iran shall prevail, now with or without some of your (if Iranians) redicolus blessings and even more childish bitter and complex riddled rhetorics.(If not Iranians then ,you are irrelevant)

Anonymous said...

KSA is not providing the half a mil.barels but its being taken from Lybia.( As compensations)

Anonymous said...

@ All Anons and Posters.

Now Here this, Now here this!
U.S. Defense Secretary, Leon Panneta Admits that the US armed forces are a broken and Demoralized force!
source CNN NEWS.

Anonymous said...

"As I said, Die on your feet than live on your knees. "

The idea is to make the adversary cornered and left with such choices. Suicide or Slavery as only two choices shows lack of leadership, Imagination and frankly what Iranians are good at namely negotiations.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:55 AM

There is no democracy in Iran today and the Iranian people are far worse off than even before the revolution of the illiterate mullahs in 1979 because that illiterate "Dahati" khamenei in the name of Allah is the only power to decide what moves or doesn't.
The elections is a farce from the day this "Dahati" regime came to power.Khamenei the "Dahati" decides who should win in the so called elections as in the 2009 "election".

You don't know the meaning of democracy or the meaning of republic because Iran is neither it's a theocracy look up the meaning of that in a dictionary.

As for cheap oil ask that from your scumbag "Dahati" regime that is giving away oil and receiving peanuts in return.With a bankrupt rial and a economy on a downward spiral towards total oblivion.

Iran will prevail when the Iranian people throw the illiterate "Dahati" mullahs out of power and their daily lives for good.The illiterate and "Dahati" mullah regime is the most evil regime in Iran's history worse than the mongol invasion but similar to the Arab invasion of Iran with all its destruction and hatred of Iranian culture.

This "Dahati" regime is very similar to the Qajar regime where they sell Iran's resources cheaply so that they can stay in power and suppress the people through religious control by the illiterate fascist Islamic "Dahati" enforces. Iran has become a dogmatic fascist Islamic mafia illiterate and "Dahati" theocracy with a tendency to wanting to kill any freedom loving Iranian and destroying true Iranian culture with their twisted "Dahati" cultural religious beliefs.

An Anti Iranian and Illiterate Fascist "Dahati" Theocracy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:42 AM
That's meant for gullible people like you to believe. Trust me those nuclear subs and aircraft carrier fleets is on stand by and ready at a moments notice.

It's all psychological warfare to make Islamic regime comfortable and content in their present abilities.
So they think.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:26

We totally disagree with you.

Its just the opposite.

Thanks God we know better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:48 AM

WE?? Anon 3:48 AM Who is WE?
You don't speak on behalf of ALL the Iranian people.
YOU maybe yes because it's expected of YOU.
There are always people like YOU that sellout their country for some crumbs and the regime knows this and that is why they offer people like YOU Sandist.

Thank god most Iranians aren't sellouts like YOU.

Anonymous said...


apart from you and 13 others... the rest of the civilized Iranian world.