Sunday, January 22, 2012

Iranian Boat Capsized – 17 Confirmed Dead

Seventeen people have died after a storm capsized a passenger boat off of Iran's southern coast at the Strait of Hormuz. The boat was sailing between Hormuz Island and the port city of Bandar Abbas [IRNA, 22 January].

This month the US Navy has already rescued Iranian mariners in distress at sea on three separate occasions.


nwo_spook said...

Reminds me of Cuban's doing same across straight to Florida to escape Infidel Castro at the height of his despotic tyranny. Clearly with Rial approach 20,000 to USD and inflation - interest rates exploding- the regime in Tehran exhibits a faulty set of priorties wrt diversion of social resources toward military spending program. If the Guarding Council does not disqualify candidates by the hundreds again, progressive Iranians may have a chance in March elections. Otherwise expect full radical cleric govt-military apparatus by 2013

Anonymous said...

Probably was another staged rescue attempt by the US navy gone wrong.
First the sink or cause distress then rush to help.
Reminds one of those arsonists who kept laying fire and then calling the fire department to become heros.

Anonymous said...

Apart from propaganda reasons, what exactly is the owner of this Blog trying to achieve with this rehashing report?

A boat sinks and somehow it's attributed to the government? Is this what passes for professional analysis? What about the fact that the skipper of the boat was warned not to go due to bad weather and also the fact that the port was closed but the skipper managed to sail despite all the warning?

Anonymous said...

hamash zire sare in monafeghine madargh..... e !