Tuesday, January 17, 2012

IAEA Officials to Visit Tehran

Senior IAEA officials will visit Tehran from 29-31 January and will hold meetings with senior Iranian officials on information concerning possible military dimension of the country’s nuclear program.

“We are open to discuss any issues that the IAEA is interested to discuss, within the framework of its mandate,” said Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran's ambassador to the IAEA [IRNA/Reuters, 17 January].

IAEA Deputy Director General Herman Nackaerts will head the IAEA team.


F1Pilot said...

This visit will allow the IAEA inspectors to clear up any outstanding issues regarding the Nuclear Energy Program. They will find that it is entirely peaceful - that Iranian officials were sincere, and were telling the truth from day one.

Let us hope for a peaceful solution, and for tranquility to prevail and most of all that these visits & inspections will show the honest nature of Iran's peaceful nuclear processes, which in turn will and must justify the lifting of these illegal/unjustified sanctions towards our great nation.

With best regards to all Iranians, wherever they may live.

Anonymous said...

"within the framework of its mandate"

That's key to the Iranian and NAM's position.

F1pilot said...

To the owner of the blog - i am very dissapointed that you block fair comments pertaining to the matter. It is quite apparent that you favor comments criticizing the current Iranian establishment, at the same time, blocking out certain voices, especially those that speak in positive terms about the Energy program. Perhaps you ought to add in your policy section that only those that oppose the current Regime, or favor a military strike, are allowed to post, how about that?

Anonymous said...

F1 Pilot @ 10:47 PM

If Iran's nuclear program is peaceful as they claim why do they build a missile delivery system for a nuclear warhead?
Those missiles are useless without a nuclear warhead.
That regime needs a nuclear bomb because they think it could protect them just like North Korea.

If that regime was concerned about the energy program they would have developed the oil and gas fields.
Iran has enough gas for 300 years yet the Iranian gas industry is 30 years behind look at Qatar's gas industry they are the biggest in the middle east,so sad.

Those who oppose the current regime (greater majority of Iranians only)know how the regime manipulates and lies and changes truths as regards Iranian opinion on all current matters.
So it's a bit rich for you to accuse Uskowi of censorship because the regime you avidly support practices that as a matter of life and death.

Miragepilot said...

...Hello! I can't believe i have to explain this to you... the reason we are unable to fully develop all of the gas & oil fields is because of the illegal sanctions imposed on our country by the Imperialists - foreign companies are discouraged and penalized for doing business with us. If it had not been for the sanctions, then obviously Iran would have continued to progress and made even further advances at a steady pace in all areas. These arrogant powers are holding Iran back from reaching its full potential - yes even attempting to stop our leaders from raising the living standard of our own people.

Besides do you think the gas & oil fields will last forever...? Why should Iran not be allowed to practise its legal rights? Why should Iran not be allowed to plan its own future to safeguard its development as a whole? Why should Iran no be allowed to develop a much cleaner and a more cost effective source of energy output?

I know these are tough questions, in fact, you will never be able to answer them, because they go against your master's wishes.

The blame is on the evil US/UK/France leaders, barbarians in suite and tie, (which people like you protray as kind angles), which has an unbeatable track record thru out history of colonizing, genocide, enslaving, subduing, terrorizing, killing with conventional methods as well as using WMD across the globe - without any consequences. These are the kind of people you proudly stand behind...frankly its disgusting.

Iranian people (even our leaders) have no issue nor do we have any bad intentions with/towards European or American people, it is their governments who have created their own world agenda, constantly treathening war and destruction of other nations. It is they who seek confrontation, therefor it is they who need to revise their attitude and policy towards our great nation.

"Greater majority of Iranians?" -- In your dreams, :-))

Anonymous said...

To the person who can't decide what to call himself.

If Iran didn't have such an anti Iranian regime with their terrorist mentality the country wouldn't be in such a dire straight situation.
The regime put Iran in this position regarding sanctions.What do you expect when the stupid regime says death to America or death to England etc etc....you expect America to sell Iran airplanes or the west to do business with such a foolish regime.
Iran had the right to develop nuclear technology before stupid mullah regime came to power.America and west were helping Iran to build 25 nuclear reactors but stupid and primitive so called "revolution" happened and Khomeini cancelled programs said Iran doesn't need nuclear technology.
So don't talk rubbish and claim this stupid and backward regime is defending Iran's right to nuclear technology because by their actions the regime took that right away from Iran.
No the blame is on the Islamic fascist theocracy (not the Iranian people)but the minority Islamist regime alone.
They have an "agenda" to be at constant loggerheads with the west and that has been going on since that terrorist regime came to power in 1979 and the crises of the 444 days US embassy take over.This keeps the regime in power and the regime will always be like this with no future to offer Iranian nation except destruction.
You are the little mouth piece of the mullah regime which kidnaps jails raps tortures and murders Iranian citizens on a daily bases and that I find very disgusting and immoral.I hope you're proud of yourself.
Yes the Greater Majority of Iranians despise and hate the fascist Islamic theocracy.
It's not their fault if you are in a state of delirium and slavishly believe in the mullahs lies.
And yes the Iranian nation will one day put these maniacs and criminals who are occupying Iran back in a Iranian prison where they once came from.
Then we see who dreams you who lives in the freedom of the west or the Iranian nation that will see the destruction of the terrorist mullah anti Iranian fascist Islamic theocracy.

You just keep sleep walking,:-))

Miragepilot said...

Well your comments are nonsensical and funny suited for a comedy play. Ha! Clearly you live in cloud cukoo land boy.

I suggest you stay where you are (US or EU) under your colonial masters (including the Zionists), so crawl back under the rock you came from, and leave Iran to the true Iranians. Your treacherus, sell-out kind is UNWANTED in Iran, unlike the majority of Iranians who support Iran as it is - a rare independant nation that is not controlled by American or Israeli zionist and EU crusaders.

Im Proud defender of the Great Iranian nation -- TFB.14. Janam fadaye rahbar va Iranzamin! Marg bar dushman i wilayat i faqih!

Anonymous said...

Dear suicide pilot

Only the ignorant or the mullahs stooges will call Iran a rare and independent nation.
This Velayate Vaghih is hated by all true Iranians and would soon see its downfall.
Since you are a none Iranian this should not concern you.So leave the matter to real Iranians to deal with,not the little Hezbollah wanna bees.
Jouhmhouriyeh Dahati is coming to an end !

Anonymous said...


Stop living in a mirage and wake up to reality !
Looks like you live in the US/EU or else how can you post your dross.
Get used to living in the evil west because there will no longer be an Islamic republic to go back to but instead a free from mullah infested democratic and secular Iran !

Anonymous said...


If your a proud defender of the regime why don't you go back and defend instead of slumming out in the West??