Friday, May 16, 2014

Nuclear Talks Moving ‘Very Slowly and With Difficulty’

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister and nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi said late Thursday that the nuclear talks in Vienna are moving “very slowly and with difficulty.” (IRNA, 16 May)

The Washington Post also reported that a Western official has spoken today of “major differences” with Iran. (WashPost, 16 May)

Reuters reported yesterday that the greatest sticking point is the size of Iran’s uranium enrichment program. Iran currently has 10,000 operating centrifuges, with another 9,000 installed but not operating. The West wants to keep the number at a few thousand, prolonging Iran’s breakout capability. Iran wants to expand its enrichment program to as many as 100,000 centrifuges


Anonymous said...

Its not just sanctions being lifted that Iran needs to improve its economy, Iranians themselves need to develop an entrepreneurial culture and not just go to college and wait for someone to give them jobs.

These examples below show that necessity is truely the mother of invention and can even be a business opportunity for the youth in Iran if done right.

This report on an internet startup in Tehran was interesting, even more interesting is they moved to Iran from the US, hopefully the sanctions are lifted:

Lady Entrepreneur starts novel business with aligator farm

Ostrich Farmers
Young skateboard entrepreneur in Iran

Iran definately needs more empowered young entrepreneurs such as these guys who are organizing startup weekend

Anonymous said...

It would also help the Brain Drain. These Sharif University students for example got together and formed a high tech rescue drone company that is taking off instead of just leaving and going to work for some foreign firm. In the process they are saving lives and helping the economy at home:

Also the entrepreneur culture is slowly taking hold. Every major city in Iran now a startup weekend and theres pleny of attendees at these conferences.

theres even a few facebook groups to help young people in Iran get advice on startups!/groups/startupir/

Anonymous said...

Why does Uskowi let some people to write their diatribes, not related to "themes" of his articles, and why he terminates or ostracizes that kind of comments by others ??


Anonymous said...

Because he's only allows pro-Iran propaganda, all by people posting from outside of Iran, because these propogandists don't even have enough honor to live in the hell they lie about.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:39. The comments above are regarding the nuclear talks which aim to remove doubts for the P5+1 in return for lifting of Sanctions which are detrimental to Iran's economy. Therefore these "themes" are all intertwined with Iran's economy which is discussed above. The only diatribe is your outrage that another reader has an opinion in this regard and chose to express it. If you do not apreciate the free flow of ideas and analysis on this blog I politely suggest you find another that is more suited to your liking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:05 AM

I have been complaining because my numerous attempts to post comments that intertwined with actions related to the Islamic Republic's matters, and they could not get through to this "forum".

In addition my comments did not include and complicated sets of numerical or alphabetical mixture sets, which could be interpreted as an attempt for a spy communication....


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:05 AM.....I second that.

Nader Uskowi said...

+A, Comments whose main content are unrelated to the discussion on the subject of the posts are obviously not published; the main point of such comments normally are attacks on the authors or other commentators. You are very welcome to post any comments whose contents deal with the subject, here with the failure of the latest round of the nuclear talk in Vienna, no matter where you stand politically on the subject.