Sunday, May 25, 2014

NEZAJA 'Beit al-Moqaddas 26' exercise (2)

Day two of NEZAJA 'Beit al-Moqaddas' 26 exercises held at the Maranjab Desert in Isfahan Province. Above: NEZAJA M60A1 main battle tank firing 105 mm M68 main armament.

Lineup of NEZAJA T-72S main battle tanks

Lineup detail of T-72S main battle tanks

One the move: T-72S main battle tank and Sepehr tactical vehicle towing ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft twin autocannon

Left to right: T-72S main battle tank, Sepehr tactical vehicle towing ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft twin autocannon and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle.

FV101 Scorpion armored reconnaissance vehicle and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle

Firing exercise for NEZAJA Safir light tactical vehicle mounting M40 recoilless rifle

Firing exercise for ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft twin autocannon

Motorized MANPADS team equipped with 9K32 “Strela-2"

Firing exercise for 9K32 “Strela-2" MANPADS

Firing exercise for DShK 12.7 mm heavy machine gun

IRIAF Chengdu FT-7N Airguard, possible serial 3-7719

Pair of IRIAF Chengdu FT-7 type Airtguards, possible serials 3-7719 and 3-7721

Pair of IRIAF Chengdu FT-7 type Airguards approaching exercise field

Pair of IRIAF Chengdu FT-7 type Airguards departing exercise field

IRIAA Bell AH-1J International Cobra (209), serial 3-4506 (cn 26606)

Approach of IRIAA Bell AH-1J International Cobra (209)

IRIAA Bell (Agusta) AB-206B JetRanger II helicopter

IRIAA Bell 214A Isfahan medium lift helicopter at exercise LZ

IRIAA and NEZAJA personnel moving a Ghods Mohajer-2 unmanned aerial vehicle

IRIAA and NEZAJA personnel preparing Ghods Mohajer-2 unmanned aerial vehicle on mobile launch ramp

Detail of Ghods Mohajer-2 unmanned aerial vehicle

NEZAJA command post for Beit al-Moqaddas 26 exercise

NEZAJA forward observation position for Beit al-Moqaddas 26 exercise

NEZAJA Commander Brig. Gen. Pourdastan saluting T-72S tank crews

NEZAJA Commander Brig. Gen. Pourdastan addressing officer and men participants of Beit al-Moqaddas 26 exercise.

Photos: Hamid Reza Nikomaram at Fars News Agency and Abbas Poustindouz at Mehr News Agency


Anonymous said...

Outdated museum pieces. Iran's army is a poor and ancient fighting force, and is vastly surpassed in technology by regional states like Turkey, KSA, Israel and various Persian Gulf kingdoms. Surprising to see that after two years of unveiling those two Toofan-2 choppers (upgraded Cobra), we haven't seen it participating in any of these exercises. Its save to say that those Toofan-2 choppers were merely two old Cobra airframes with FLIR-capabilities. Yet Iran's fiberglass unveilings (Qaher-313, RQ-170, Fotros) are making it a laughing stock army in the world.

Its a poor third-world army.

Anonymous said...

So, there's no need to call Iran a threat, is there?

Anonymous said...

US has one of the most, if not the most, advance armies in the world ----> Look how well they did in Iraq!!!? in matter of days they took over the country back in 2003? the truth is after all these years they still have no control over Iraq and they leaving the country in disarray... ---> Having advanced weaponry does not necessary means you are going to win in war time... let the Arabs spend all their monies on US arms... good for US corporate giants... if Iran were to attack them, without outside help they would be defeated in matter of days...

Anonymous said...

Iran is not a conventional threat. Nobody ever claimed that. Iran is a threat because of its nuclear program and terrorist (asymmetrical) activities.

The US completely smashed Iraq within a couple of weeks, while Iran struggled to conquer significant areas in Iraq for more than 8 years. In fact, the conventional army of Iraq was no match for the US and that was exactly the reason why Iran was suddenly willing to compromise with the West in 2003, which has been covered in details in various media the past years. The US did face difficulties to cope with an increasing asymmetrical force in Iraq, but that is not relevant to Iran, since the US doesn't have plans to occupy Iran. If the US decides to strike Iran it will probably be an aerial attack, perhaps combined with SOF assistance, but definitely not a large occupation force we saw in Iraq or Afghanistan.

That is why Zarif was right when he claimed (a couple of months ago) that the US could defeat Iran's armed forces within days.

Anonymous said... --- Iran liberated in the year 2028 in the movie Robocop 2014.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 25, 2014 at 1:09 PM ----> your reply: What you wrote here does not make sense at all... Iran was not in war with Iraq alone... 44 other countries were helping Iraq (intelligence report shows after Saddam fell)... soviets, British, US, Kuwaitis... you name it... and at that time Iran had no many problems because of west embargo, such as shortage of spare parts... so it is obvious they could not conquer Iraq.

Second: Israel with even more advance weans than US, attacked Hezbollah in 2006, did they win??? Of course not, at first some success but when they realized they are losing they called in the UN to break a cease fire, and they same goes if US and Israel attacks Iran, at first maybe they achieve some success but in the long run they will lose... long story made short....

Anonymous said...