Thursday, March 7, 2013

Khamenei Upset that Some Does Not Take Whatever He Says as Orders

Armed Forces Chief of Staff Reports
Iranian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi said today that during his meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader was upset that some does not take whatever he says as orders. Following is the English translation of Gen. Firouzabadi’s recollection of what was said in the meeting:

“Ayatollah Khamenei said he ‘was dismayed when he hears some people refer to whatever he says as (Leader’s) remarks. What is this? I order; I don’t talk unless I am issuing orders.’ We at the General Staff take (Leader’s) remarks as orders and implement them.” (Mehr News Agency, 7 March)

To read Mehr report (in Farsi), please click here.

Note: This is amazing! Even Khomeini, and before him the Shah, did not consider whatever they say as “orders.” This is actually very disturbing.

Photo credit: Iranian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi (mehr News Agency)


Anonymous said...

Well, that is very disturbing

آیت الله مصباح: ایرانی‌گری شعار بهائیان است

Anonymous said...

He (Khamenei) Is the commander in Chief of Iran's Military by the law, So Gen. Firouzabadi must follow his orders by Default. Others in the government, not so.

Nader Uskowi said...

As Firouzabadi said, the General Staff does that as a matter of routine. Khamenei was not talking about the generals.

Anonymous said...

He is actually doing Khamenei's standing more harm, than good regardless of, if what he says is true or false. Deliberate act ? or stupidity? I tend to go for stupidity as he is a vet (god knows if even that degree was just given to him or if he actually studied for it) with no military training whatsoever. He is just a very good "Nokar". The evidence for it is that he has kept his post for such a long time.
Iranians are extremely good at "Chaploosi" no matter who the ruler is.
During the Shah, he was called "Khodayegan" etc... Now the Mullah is Emam , "Moazamollah" etc.... The Iranian have just replaced a crown with a turban.
This is the Iranian culture and mentality.
"Bezan tu sare zaif, Bebus matahte ghavi" .

Anonymous said...

He also said,"most of our enemies are within our houses,mosques,seminaries and schools."
Code for;"Most Iranians hate this regime".

Does this amount ta a virtual admission of the Islamic republic deep unpopularity?

Paul Iddon said...

The Ayatollah wears no clothes, and if he does he's a pretty obscene guy anyway.

Mark Pyruz said...
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Mark Pyruz said...

Same applies to the United States Military Commander-in-Chief. POTUS provides the U.S. military (and federal employees under his jurisdiction and command ) with orders, which are not to be interpreted as "talks". Case in point: The McChrystal affair.

B.M.A said...

YOU ARE DEAD WRONG PAUL unless you break your language into pieces so that we may sift your words!!.

Nader Uskowi said...

The subject here is the recollection of the Iran’s chief of general staff of what Khamenei had told him. As Gen. Firouzabadi said, the General Staff always took his “talks” as orders. Khamenei was not complaining about his generals.

Anonymous said...

Is that all what you have to say after your "hiding" ??

Looks like your primary strenght is a barking like that of a small poodle.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Iddon, do you think that some "authors" of this blog, use "a fig leafs" to cover their true identities....and sponsors.


Paul Iddon said...

What exactly are you asking A-F?