Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weapons & tactics of Iran-backed Badr combat force, investiture of Fallujah

Sixty video stills from two YouTube videos posted 11JUN15 and 12JUN15, depicting fighting advance of an Iran-backed Badr combat force in the vicinity of Saqlawiyah, the objective being military investiture of Fallujah.

Video Part 1:

U.S. supplied M1A1M main battle tank attached to Iran-backed Badr combat force, fitted with sectarian flag featuring likeness of Imam Hussein.

Formerly U.S. supplied to ISF, HMMWV seen modified with top-mounted turret fitted with ZU-23-2 autocannon and operated by Iran-backed Badr combat force.

Formerly U.S. supplied to ISF, HMMWV seen modified with top-modified turret fitted with what appears to be KPV type 14.5 heavy machine gun, operated by Iran-backed Badr combat force.

View of turret for above HMMWV, with Iran-backed Badr military wing markings clearly visible

Formerly U.S.-supplied to ISF, HMMWV seen modified with addition of steel plate attached to front of vehicle, operated by Iran-backed Badr combat force.

Wheel loader improvised into ACEV. Note Badr paramilitary in foreground equipped with U.S.-supplied AT-4 anti-tank weapon.

Badr paramilitary fighters armed with what appear to be U.S.-supplied M16 type assault rifles

Badr paramilitary fighter equipped with U.S.-supplied AT4 anti-tank weapon

Turkish-origin Otokar APV operated within Iran-backed Badr combat force

T-72 type main battle tank seen in IRGC-GF camouflage scheme, alongside Iran-backed Badr paramilitary fighter equipped with what may be a U.S.-supplied M16 type assault rifle.

Formerly U.S.-supplied to ISF, up-armored HMMWV fitted with 9M133 Kornet ATGM and operated by PMF

Badr combat operation depicting PKM gunner firing behind stacked cinder-block cover, while T-72 type MBT in IRGC-GF camouflage scheme provides direct fire support.

Iran-backed Badr paramilitary advance toward what appear to be prepared ISIL positions withdrawn or neutralized

ISIL-operated VBIED successfully hit and destroyed by Iran-backed Badr paramilitary equipped with AT4 anti-tank weapon.

Hostile position, identified with ISIL flag

Position captured from ISIL by Iran-backed combat force, hoisting of Badr and Iraqi national flags

Captured ISIL-held position, with knocked out DShK heavy machine gun

Jubilant Iran-backed Badr paramilitary fighters, amid previously U.S.-supplied to Iraqi Army M113A2 armored personnel carriers.

Iran-supplied Safir ("Ambassador") tactical vehicle equipped with M40 type recoilless gun, operated by Badr combat force.

Indirect fire by IRAM, during Iran-backed Badr combat operation in the vicinity of Saqlawiyah

Uniform adornment with image of Grand Ayatollah Sistani, in the style of adornment used by Iranian forces for Ayatollah Khomeini during the Iran-Iraq War three decades ago.

Video Part 2:

Iran-backed Badr paramilitary rifleman, firing beside U.S.-supplied Caiman MRAP

Iran-backed Badr paramilitary, firing turret machine gun atop U.S.-supplied Caiman MRAP

Formerly U.S.-supplied to Iraqi Army M113A2 armored personnel carrier, accompanied by Iran-backed Badr combat infantry force

Iran-backed Badr fighter firing PKM type machine gun, beside Badr-modified HMMWV equipped with top-mounted, turreted ZU-23-2 autocannon.

Iran-backed Badr ZU-23-2 gunner's view, within above HMMWV open-top turret

PKM type machine gun firing port, within Iran-backed Badr fighting vehicle

Reloading of armament for Iran-backed Badr fighting vehicle. Note Badr sleeve uniform patch on foreground figure.

Iran-backed Badr sapper, in action during combat operation in the vicinity of Saqlawiyah

IqAAC lieutenant colonel and major, coordinating helicopter support for Iran-backed Badr combat force

Iran-backed Badr paramilitary combat force leader

HMMWV and MBT festooned with Badr military identification

Firing of main armament, Badr-attached M1A1M main battle tank

Badr paramilitary advance behind T-72 type main battle tank

Firing of main armament, Badr-attached T-72 type main battle tank

T-72 type main battle tank in IRGC-GF style camouflage scheme, U.S.-supplied Guardian Armored Security Vehicle and U.S.-supplied M113A2 armored personnel carriers.

Halted advance of Iran-backed Badr AFVs

U.S.-supplied Caiman MRAP, brought to the forefront of road-bound Badr vehicle convoy 

Iran-backed Badr paramilitary fighters advancing towards neutralized ISIL fortified position

ISIL fortified position neutralized by Iran-backed Badr paramilitary combat force 

Iran-backed Badr military commanders, outfitted in khaki and keffiyeh

Iran-backed Badr paramilitary, noteworthy for wearing a helmet

ISIL position neutralized by Iran-backed Badr paramilitary combat force 

ISIL fortified position neutralized by Iran-backed Badr paramilitary combat force 

Badr paramilitary firing PKM type machine gun behind T-72 type main battle tank

T-72 type main battle tank, traversing to position frontal armor in direction of incoming hostile fire

Iran-supplied T-72 main battle tank attached to Badr paramilitary combat force

Iran-backed Badr IRAM launcher, providing indirect fire against ISIL position



Mark Pyruz said...

Staggering to see a flag bearing the likeness of Imam Hussein on a U.S.-origin M1 Abrams.

interested party said...

Not this day and age! The entire dynamics of the Middle East would have been beyond imagination 10 years ago!

Brig. Gen. Basrawi (IQAF.ret) said...

I tell you, Badr is roughly analogous to Iranian MEK - fighting for Khomeini against their own countrymen. In the present situation, the last thing Iraq need is sectarianism. Sectarian wars never lead to peace and stability. Only a national view can unite as much of Iraq as possible.

Anonymous said...

they still need American / coalition air support to do anything. They are not as effective as the Kurds.

Nader Uskowi said...

BTW, the likeness is that of Imam Ali.

Anonymous said...

Correct, it is Imam Ali on the flag!

Anonymous said...

@ General Basrawi? Are you sure the analogy you present is accurate? MEK was a terrorist organization doing a lot of bombing in side Iran and killing innocents. At the time did Badr also do indiscriminated killings in Iraq from Iraqi civilians as MEK did? By the way In the sectarian divided Iraq at the time were Kurds and Shia were being prosecuted by Saddam. A Shia force defending its sect is not in my opinion same as MEK which had no religious identity and confused between Marxism and Islam. Just by motivation and affiliation they become different entities. At least Badr can be considered heroes for Shia population same as the Kurds fighting against Saddam for the Kurdish population but MEK was not respected by all Iranian factions and the Iranian opposition including the Marxists like "Fadayian Khalgh Aksariat and Aghaliat" and Toodeh communist party ... Are you sure your judgement is not clouded from a sectarian point of view?

Anonymous said...

@Brig.Gen.Basrawi.You are correct as regards sectarianism. The problem is the middle east has many one tracked minded people running blindley the wrong direction down a one way road. And you know where that will lead too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


interested party said...

Maybe the time has come to stop day dreaming about the worthy ideals of non sectarian states in Iraq and Syria. Maybe a new structure along the lines of the Swiss model of Canton's could be explored.. The Idea was bantered around a lot regarding Bosnia in the 90's. In fact I think the fatally flawed Dayton agreement is based around the principle. All the same, three major and several smaller ethnic and or sectarian groups all enjoying the kind of autonomy the Kurds of Iraq have had for the last twenty years might be worth a look. Each group able to worship and interpret and their religion as they see fit. Create their own systems of governance and type of law. Whether an interpretation of Sharia or secular. The coming battles in Anbar will tell us most. Obviously the first objective would be to surround Falluja and Ramadi. Will these cities be "Liberated" in a destructive sectarian blood bath or will they be liberated by the will of the Sunni's of Anbar. The Shia dominated government in Baghdad will be wise to start arming the right Sunni's if it already hasn't happened. Is there still a blanket ban on ex-Bathists holding government jobs in Iraq? Truth and reconcilliation is a powerful tool. Especially after some measure of justice has been done. Unlike Bosnia, Iraq, and maybe Syria in the future, has seen many of the worst meet their fate. I hope for all concerned these new crimes are dealt with early. Haven't read the Koran but I bet there's gotta be something in there that says you can always build a paradise on earth while your waiting to see the real thing. A peaceful, prosperous, middle east. Now that would be something!