Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nuclear Deal Imminent

Rouhani: 'I have fulfilled my election promise to solve the nuclear issue'
Negotiators at the Iran nuclear talks are putting the finishing touches to a sweeping agreement that is expected to be announced on Monday.

Iranian President Rouhani, Sunday night at Iftar: “I have fulfilled my election promise to solve the nuclear issue.” (Twitter/@SharqDaily/@dudi_Cohen)

French Foreign Minister: J'espère que nous arrivons enfin dans la dernière phase de ces négos marathon. Je le crois." I hope we are finally arriving at the last phase of these marathon negotiations. I believe so.

Kerry: “I think we are getting to some real decision.” He made the remarks after talks with Iranian FM Javad Zarif over the weekend. “So I will say, because we have a few tough things to do, I remain hopeful. Hopeful.”

Awaiting the return of ministers for critical Sunday night talks to decide if the deal is possible by Monday.


Anonymous said...

It is a deal! R.

Anonymous said...

Close this long-winded chapter once and for all.

Anonymous said...

On the eleventh hour no deal. "More talks next sunday."