Thursday, July 16, 2015

Iran’s leadership comments on JCPOA

Above: nuclear negotiators Zarif and Salehi are to address parliament on 21JUL15 to brief lawmakers on JCPOA [source: IRNA]

Review of select comments made by Iran’s leadership the past two days concerning JCPOA:

"Reaching a deal is a significant step, but the text of the deal should be carefully scrutinized and the legal procedures should be taken so when the deal is ratified the other side cannot breach it." —Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader [source: IRNA]

"Some of the members of the P5+1 are not trustworthy… I ask our dear nation to stay calm and united so we can preserve our national interests in a serene and sensible environment." —Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader [source: IRNA]

"This deal is an unprecedented achievement in the history of international affairs as it annuls all the threatening U.N. Security Council resolutions and opens gates for cooperation with Iran even in nuclear energy.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source: IRNA]

"The deal is a big lesson to the region that problems can be solved with negotiations and true participation of people rather than intervention, massacre and terrorism…” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source: IRNA]

“Iran’s enrichment and nuclear technology are purely for the development of the country; this enrichment and nuclear technology will not be against any country in the region or the world.” — Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“We are not hypocritical; if we have given a promise in the framework of…national interests, we will act according to it, provided that the other party fulfills its promises. If the other side does not fulfill its promises, Iran will act on its promises.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“Protection of nuclear rights, removal of sanctions and constructive engagement with the world have been and will be the basis for negotiations.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“The world will experience a new page of relations with Iran.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“Iran’s obligations are balanced, and subject to the obligations of the other side.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“All economic and UN Security Council sanctions will be canceled on the first day of the implementation of the agreement.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“Our approach was [to think that] in the world today, threats of others and pressure on others is worthless; all should seek for win-win, mutual respect, common interests, and the attainment of common goals.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“The nuclear negotiations are the first step toward achieving the [height] of constructive interaction with the world, because in the world today, progress, development, stability, and security in the region and world are not possible without cooperation and coordination.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will move towards constructive interaction with all countries which respect Iran and want cooperation in the framework of common interests with Iranians…” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“We want to improve our relations with countries which we have a cold relationship…because we know this cooperation is beneficial to everyone.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“We believe there is third way, and it is the way of cooperation with the world.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“From the beginning the government had given promises to the people, and we have always followed those promises in the framework of the national interest.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“More than ever we need economic growth, youth employment, and the development of non-oil exports; and if this occurs, our people will experience an improvement in life and spirituality.” —Hassan Rouhani, President [source:]

“[The agreement is] more important than the [Iran-Iraq] War and the liberation of Khorramshahr” —Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Chairman of Expediency Discernment Council [source:]

“[Regarding visits to military facilities] we should not be afraid of visits to some [military] centers. I congratulate the Iranian nation on this great day…” —Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Chairman of Expediency Discernment Council [source:]

Ali Larijani, Speaker of Parliament said on 15JUL15 that MPs would examine the agreement in a "constructive spirit”. [source: Reuters]

IRIN Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the National Security Council of Iran stated the JCPOA was now on top of the council’s agenda. [source: IRNA]

Mohammad Reza Mohseni Sani, head of parliament's security committee said members of parliament would want to examine the implications of the deal for access to a military site at Parchin, saying there appeared to have been a "compromise.” [source: Fars News Agency]

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, Chairman for the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security of the Islamic Consultative Assembly praised the Iranian negotiating team for observing the Supreme Leader’s redlines for a nuclear deal. He further stated the JCPOA “is acceptable… because the designated redlines [set by the Supreme Leader] have been completely preserved… and that Foreign Minister Zarif will address Parliament sometime next week about the measures the Iranian negotiating team has taken under the nuclear deal. [source: IRIB}

Alireza Zakani, Member of Parliament thanked the nuclear negotiating team while emphasizing the need for Iran to continue securing its national interests.  He noted that Iran has entered “a sensitive phase”, and must prevent “discord” and “polarization” from becoming a pretext for actions contrary to Iran's interests. He added the JCPOA is a testament to Iranian resistance with respect to protecting the nuclear achievements of Iran's scientists. [source: Mashregh News]

Ahmed Tavakoli, Member of Parliament told journalists that “the overall outcome of the completed negotiations has been positive”, and commended the nuclear negotiators for their "perseverance and victory in the negotiating field". [source: Mashregh News]

Mohammad Hassan Asfari, National Security and Foreign Policy (NSFP) Parliamentary Commission member emphasized that pursuant to articles 77 and 126 of the Constitution, all agreements between Iran and other countries must be submitted to parliament, and that the final agreement must therefore be sent to parliament for approval. [source: Mashregh News]

Sayyid Hossein Naqavi, NSFP Parliamentary Commission member said that Parliament will examine the final agreement until it concludes the national interests of Iran are included in the agreement.
He further stated that up to this point, the negotiating has observed the red lines that have been put into place for negotiations with the P5+1. [source: Mashregh News]

Hojjat al Eslam Vahid Ahmadi, NSFP Parliamentary Commission member said the agreement “was a good agreement that protects Iran’s nuclear achievements,” and emphasized that Iran accepted the agreement because all of the sanctions would be removed the day the parties involved fulfilled their obligations. He added that the parliament should prioritize ensuring the agreement removes all sanctions when examining the nuclear agreement. [source: Mashregh News]


Mark Pyruz said...

Interesting to see SL/IRIG referencing the issue of trust in vigilant terms roughly analog to those of POTUS (“not built on trust — it is built on verification”--Obama).

It's also interesting to see Iran's legislative branch of government activated in the approval of JCPOA, where U.S. Congress has also been involved in a ratification process, even though the agreement is formally stipulated not to be a treaty.

Anonymous said...

End to Death of America slogans & chants?

Anonymous said...

In Iran we say: shab hanuz deraze
we will see what will happen in future

Anonymous said...

No those are political fashion show! Whenever Miley Cyrus wears Hijab those chants will go away :)

Anonymous said...

Why would it?,this deal is not a nixon-mao grand bargain or even a nixon-brezhnev detente,the us still supports irans enemies and still tries to maintain its hegemony over the region so of course iran will continue to resist that

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:57 PM

Do you see a problem in that? Part of the deal is that the US opens its embassy in Tehran and Khamenei's rent a crowd be allowed to demonstrate with flag burning and shouting "marg bar amrika!".
Keeps everyone happy that way.