Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Imagined Iran Air Boeing 747-8 Intercontinetal aircraft - rendering

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Acceptance process of the Iran nuclear deal at the United States Congress as well as relevant branches of government in the Islamic Republic of Iran has reportedly been contentious.

In this observer's view, there are many positives to be gained in accepting the Iran nuclear deal. Above is just one example of the possibilities specifically provided for in the JCPOA: purchases of American commercial jetliners by Iran.

Above is an imagined Iran Air Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft, resurrecting the EP-IAH registration that belonged to the now retired Iran Air Boeing 747-286B that served the airliner for over 36 years.

Note: above amateur artwork not intended for commercial purposes.

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Anonymous said...

Its pretty doubtful that iran will be buying boeings as these days the iri prefers airbus.The big looser in all of this was once again the russians,as at one point iran was seriously looking at buying and even assembling tu204/214s,but sadly a combination of the russians reneging on the s300 deal and the us not allowing russia to supply the 204 with the then latest ps90a2 engine,because pratt and whitney had done some work on it,ended up scrapping the deal,the russians either did eventually reacquire the full rights to the engine or redesigned it to remove western components but by then it was way to late,but then thats always been the story with the russians:a day late and a dollar short,oh well maybe they can interest iran in the superjet.