Thursday, July 2, 2015

Iran to Sign Additional Protocol As Part of Nuclear Deal – Report

Allowing Managed Access to Sensitive Sites and Questioning of Nuclear Officials
Iran said under a nuclear deal it will recognize the right of IAEA inspectors to managed visits to sensitive sites, including military bases, and questioning of nuclear officials, a senior Iranian negotiator told reporters in Vienna. (Bloomberg, 2 July)

The Iranian move is a major interpretation of what IAEA’s Additional Protocol would allow, and came after the visit of the IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano to Iran and meetings with President Hassan Rouhani and Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Admiral Ali Shamkhani. The Iranian diplomat’s comments today suggest that the two sides may have bridged the gap in the so-called Possible Military Dimension (PMD) investigation of Iran’s nuclear program, which would be a major step to seal a final deal in Vienna by 7 July.

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in Vienna today that 90 percent of the deal is agreed and there is “a total commitment of all participants to end this process in the next few days.”


Mark Pyruz said...

Terrific news.

Anonymous said...

So all that barking by the "supreme leader" in Iran was just that? I mentioned this would happen in one of my earlier posts. He definitely qualifies for the golden key award.

Anonymous said...

You and many people including Mr uskowi misunderand the additional protocol,
That is not inspection and access anywhere, anytime like Iraq 1990s .
If IAEA wants to inspect an Iranian site it must send a request to Iranian Government with stronng edivences and reason , why the will inspect this site.

Iran can delay or simple reject this request.
the IAEA can of course wirte a bad report about iran miscooperation aber nobody cares.
with IEAA Report causes no new sanctions.

Anonymous said...

The Procedure is alreday defined in the Protocol
Iran accept no speical treatment and procedure
at end of the day with or without Agreement
nobody enters Irnian military Site, That is the Law of Iran and IAEA can send as many request as they want

Nader Uskowi said...

If Iran were to sign the AP as part of a final nuclear deal, which is not yet finalized, the agreement could define the procedures for managed access to sensitive areas and questioning of nuclear officials. There are also discussions of setting up an arbitration body to adjudicate disputes. If there is a deal, there may also be some sort of sanctions snapback procedures in cases of noncompliance.

Of course if Iran decides to sign the AP, why should it go through the trouble of not implementing its provisions. It doesn't make sense. It would be easier for it not to sign if it doesn't like its provisions. If a deal is struck, Iran is expected to implement it; that's what they have done after JPOA and its extensions.

Nader Uskowi said...

What you argue is a view held by some influential people in Iran. Questions remain, should Iran define and include managed access to sensitive sites, for example, as part of a final deal? It certainly can refuse to do so as you're suggesting. But of course there might not be a final deal without such provisions. And that's also up to Iran and how badly it needs a final deal and the lifting of sanctions. We should know by Tuesday.