Saturday, July 4, 2015

Iran Talks Vienna: Updates

Saturday 4 July 2015
IAEA Amano told journalist that with cooperation of Iran, his agency can issue a report on PMD by the end of the year. A key open issue seems close to resolution, one of the parameters required by P5+1 for sanctions relief. Adding momentum to a final deal in coming days.

AP reports that world powers and Iran have reached a tentative agreement at expert level on sanctions relief. An annex to the final agreement, one of five meant to accompany it, outlines which sanctions will be lifted and how quickly. Sanctions relief is probably the thorniest disagreement between the two sides, and its resolution is a major step toward reaching the final accord.

An Iranian journalist at the talks reports that Iran and P5+1 have reached an agreement over sanctions snapback in case of non-compliance by Iran. 

Al-Monitor’s Laura Rozen reports that there are signs that political agreement on some outstanding issues was reached in the past day.

Source: Twitter accounts of @lrozen and other journalists concerning Iran talks and reports by news agencies.

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