Friday, July 17, 2015

IRINS Damavand frigate and Marines featured in Iranian rap video

An Iranian nationalistic rap video starring Amir Tataloo has emerged featuring an Iran Navy guided missile frigate and Iranian Marines.

Much is being made of the video titled “Energy Hasteei” or "Nuclear Energy" (complete video embedded below). However this is not the first video involving the Artesh containing materials considered by external observers to be of a surprising genre. For example several years ago an official Iranian Air Force video emerged containing pre-Islamic figures, which also raised eyebrows among external observers. What is perhaps different about the rap video is the inclusion of English subtitles and English placards.

Profile of IRINS Damavand (77) Moudge class guided missile frigate (FFGH). Lyrics of Tataloo's rap song feature nationalistic "rights" pertaining to the Persian Gulf, leading some observers to mistakenly identify this ship navigating the Persian Gulf. In fact, IRINS Damavand is assigned to the 4th Naval Region at the Caspian Sea.

A closing view of the Damavand in the rap video. Video appears heavily rendered in digital post-production.

View of the helideck on IRINS Damavand guided missile frigate

Amir Tataloo among a formation of Iranian Marines. It's possible the location is the Marines training base at Manjil in Gilan province.

Assembled formation includes Marine cadets, and Commando-rated ensign seen at far right



Anonymous said...

They look like idiots

Anonymous said...

Propaganda for a homicidal regime and its dilapidated, useless war toys. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

It was nice. The ship looked very clean and in mint condition. Which ship is it?

Anonymous said...

Even the officers are looking like mullahs now days.

Anonymous said...

It is so lovely, innocent, patriotic, truthful, up to date, unique and well produced, well done. I cannot stop watching it.

Anonymous said...

Nice and fair. Every nation has right to have its own made nuclear power. Why should US have it but not Iran. Sucha stupid decison

Anonymous said...

The international law gives Iran the right to have its own nuclear energy. Iran only need to allow inspectors to come in so they can verify that Iran is not producing atomic weapons. Now finaly after 10 years there is an agreement.

Anonymous said...

Have US, UK, France, India, Israel and so many other countries which own nuclear energy and more ever been inspected? It is so disrespectful to Iran, that hurts.