Friday, July 25, 2014

Iran Marks Annual Quds (Jerusalem) Day

Iran today marked the annual Quds (Jerusalem) Day. Large crowds of Iranians participated in rallies across the country. The Quds Day was introduced in the early days of the Islamic Republic as a day of solidarity with the Palestinian cause and as a movement to “liberate” Jerusalem, hence its name. Throughout the years it has become a day of public demonstrations against Israel. This year, the plight of the people in Gaza is the main theme of the demonstrations.

I hope that the people in Gaza can have a normal life and all of them should stand up to this end and we can gain victory against the aggressors if Muslims grow united,” President Hassan Rouhani told reporters while participating in the Quds Day rally in Tehran today. (Fars News Agency, 25 July)

Photo credit: Iranian president Hassan Rouhani at this year’s Quds Day rally in Tehran, 25 June 2014. (FNA)


Anonymous said...

The regime should sort Iran's mess first before sticking their grubby big noses into other regions.Since its inception the regime has used the palestinian cause to its advantage and to the total disadvantage for the Iranian people. Please tell me how can "Muslims grow united" when this regime has taken part in mass killings in Syria simply because those victims were sunni ? And now the blow back from Iraq with ISIS where "Muslims" participate in sectarian violence on a daily bases. Surely more "Muslims" have been killed by other "Muslims" in the past three years than Israel has achieved throughout its existence ?

Anonymous said...

jealous, thausend People are in Europe on the street against Israel

Anonymous said...

I second this. What is the meaning of Muslims should be united against what? It is like saying Christians should be united! What has a Christian in Mexico got in common with a Christian in UK? What has a Muslim in Iran has got in common with the Muslim in Saudi Arabia or for that matter Palestine. It is like saying if an Iranian has anything in common with an Arab and the answer is none. The Iranian values and culture is destroyed by this regime through the unwarranted sympathy with Arabs. Ask how many Arabs feel sympathetic to Iran? Remember during the Iran-Iraq war these Palestinians (yes these ones) were supporting Iraq all the time. Now why should I care about Palestine? Don't we have problem of our own for God's sake!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:01 PM

Please tell me why would I be "jealous" for a bunch of misguided shenanigans created by the regime to divert attention away from the real issues concerning the Iranian people? And by the way, those Iranians that turned up for "quds day" are told to come out because most of them are government employees with their families. As for the ones in europe that doesn't put bread on the Iranian table.

Anon 12:05 PM

Agree with you 100%. During the Iran/Iraq war these very same Palestinians sided with Saddam's Iraq. We are nothing but "Ajam" in their eyes. So why should Iran be sacrificed for Arab causes?
And those three Israeli's killed by Hammas were instructed via Tehran. The islamic regime didn't like the fact that war in Syria and Iraq against ISIS is distracting attention away from their pet project "war against zionism". But realities will dictate otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are denying the Holocaust :)

Anonymous said...

perhaps Hamas can one day soon help to end the oppression crushing the people of Tehran and liberate Iran from the vile, illegal Shi'ite theocracy that most followers of islam find to be false and ignorant and not legitimate.

on the other hand, perhaps that shouldn't happen and people of one religious persuasion should not blindly make enemies of other peoples and nations due to religious differences.

perhaps people calling for "solidarity" for co-religionists engaged in a political struggle and demanding that sovereignty over a city in a foreign nation must belong to only Muslims rather than others are fools and dupes ...or simply bigots.

Anonymous said...

Some of these people were the same plain clothes thugs butchering civilians with large knives and meat cleavers in broad daylight on the streets in the summer of 2009.

Anonymous said...

1980s helped Saddam Hussein the palestinian more than Iran and there was no Hamas there
countries making alliances and dissovling These alliances, everry Thing Changes

During Iran-Iraq war the Iraqi Shai were mostly loyal to Saddam Hussein and fought Iran, today they are the best friend of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Yes correct. And they worry for the Palestinians "human rights" while Iranians are being butchered by these very same thugs for the past 35 years. Just a bunch of hypocrites.