Friday, July 18, 2014

Iran, P5+1 Extend Talks for Four Months

Iran and P5+1 agreed today to extend the Iran nuclear talks for four months.

While we have made tangible progress on some of the issues, there are still significant gaps on some of the core issues which will require more time and effort,” EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a joint statement at a press conference. (Al-Monitor, 18 July)

Under the terms of extension agreed to in Vienna Friday, Iran will convert all of its 20% enriched uranium into fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor.

“We will continue to halt the progress of Iran's nuclear program in key areas (during the four months extension),” said Secretary of State John Kerry.

In return, the P5+1 “will continue to suspend the sanctions we agreed to under the JPOA and will allow Iran access to $2.8 billion of its restricted assets,” Kerry added.


Mark Pyruz said...

Very good news.

With the ME region up in flames and eastern Eastern Europe escallating in conflict, it's a relief American and Iranian diplomats appear to have reached some level of personal rapport. Credit the Rouhani administration, on the Iranian side.

It's also telling that the Iran has recently scaled back their media defense reporting, both in national defense technology subjects and even the latest Gaza incursion (no loud attention being drawn toward Iranian-derived rocket successes, this time around).

It's been a while since Iranian online media has posted photo galleries of defense technology-relayed photographs

Anonymous said...

there hasn't been any " Iranian-derived rocket successes" this time around. the rockets fired into Israel haven't done a dam bit of damage beyond killing one luckless soul.

however, those rockets have managed to get a few hundred Gazans killed and tens of thousands pf Gazans made homeless and miserable.

Mark Pyruz said...

"Success" had previously been qualified in percentages of rockets successfully penetrating Iron Dome system, as well as extended range coverage over Israel. During this latest IDF incursion, Palestinian rocktet fire has demonstrated even greater range than before, and percentages of rockets penetrating Iron Dome remains relatively high. These are two qualifications the Iranians touted in the past-- not Isreali casualties. Howver, the Iranians are mum this time around, likely the result of Hamas abandoning the resistance bloc, leaving Syria in favor of aligning with ill-fated MB govt. in Egypt. Or rapport with U.S. in nuclear negotiations, or both and possibly more.

It's unfortunate less informed comments such as yours are made here at UOI. Please in the future attempt to provide a more informed and substantive contribution to the discussion.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope for peace and a better Middle East where all types of extremists, Muslims, Jews and Christians are no longer in power. Unfortunately that is not the case now and a bunch of bad leaders have hijacked the poor people on all fronts in order to exercise their ego.

Regarding the Palestinian rockets, even the Israelis admit they have been far more successful to penetrate the Iron Dome than the ever before. This news is however not very much emphasized in order to not scare the population and the tourists/visitors coming to the country. The reason to this success is multifaceted but the most important one is the way they Palestinians have learned to operate the rockets.
In order to just fire a buch of rockets from the same battery in a rapid way in the same direction, they now coordinate the firing and try to fire rockets from different batteries in different directions in a random matter. This indicates they have now Command and Control centers for rocket firing and a far more organized way of doing it than just firing 10 rockets from the same batter in a quick fashion. Furthermore they do move the batteries more quickly and covertly in order to not expose the source of origin. Even rockets sent from the same battery which has not been successfully moved between rounds have a randomness in terms of direction and range manually configured into it prior to firing which confuses Iron Dome to calculate the coming trajectory of the rockets. The operators are most probably also gathering intelligence on Iron Dome behavior in order to configure their rockets continuously as the rate of success this time has not decreased dramatically during the conflict which was the previous case. This intelligence is exposing the algorithm used by Iron Dome to target incoming rockets and this is one of the reasons one should not use such a system for a long time against thousands of incoming rockets as it will finally expose its weaknesses for the enemy which is the case in the current conflict.

Anonymous said...

----"Success" had previously been qualified in percentages of rockets successfully penetrating Iron Dome system, as well as extended range coverage over Israel.----

you don't get to make up your own definition of success and expect that everyone else will care or conform, Mark. it's unfortunate that the less rational get to publish here on UOI.... but other authors more than make up for your defective and rather less than fully truthful posts as for the many fabulous posts about shopping mall and highway construction.

I would suggest that you provide better things in future but I'm resigned to thinking that your work will always be like the US civil war..... bloody and awful.

and I think that we all must learn to tolerate reading things that aren't in learn with praising the Iranian regime, unless we're willing to live in Iran, where that's load of pap is required for passing the censors.

Anonymous said...

Mark PyruzJuly 19, 2014 at 4:41 AM
Well said

Anonymous said...

Anonym 11:54,
You should focus on providing analysis than just focusing on criticizing UOI, nobody has forced you to come here and read posts plus all the comments, you can a choice, good to know if you are not aware of it :-)