Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tabriz Metro undergoing operational testing with passengers

Train operator cab at the head of Changchun Railway Vehicles Type B "Carbon Steel" mass transit vehicles, possibly assembled by Wagon Pars factory in Arak.

Tabriz Metro currently undergoing late stage, operational testing with passengers.

A station platform for Tabriz Metro, currently undergoing operational testing with passengers

Interior detail of a women's section passenger car of Tabriz Metro

Easy access seated section normally set aside for seniors and the disabled

Controls detail inside Tabriz Metro train operator cab

Tabriz Metro passenger cars, currently undergoing operational testing with passengers

External detail of Tabriz Metro train, in operational testing

Tabriz City Council members congratulating a Tabriz Metro affiliated Chinese engineer

Tabriz City Council staff members ride aboard a Tabriz Metro vehicle

Interior detail of a Tabriz Metro passenger vehicle

Photos: Reza Ghafouri at and Reza Abdelpoir at Nasr News


Anonymous said...

another fine product from Iran's best and most advanced company, Changchun Railway Vehicles.

Anonymous said...

haha that's so funny before I read the article I knew you would comment about where these trains were made. If they were made in Iran you'd probably had commented "another stupid misstep of the regime, and how the Turks have bought Chinese trains for half the cost of manufacturing their own. there is no winning with you is there doc?

Anonymous said...

I have never said or suggested that Iran not build their own heavy machinery. never said anything about missteps.

I scoff at that crud from Pyruz trumpeting shopping malls and road construction because those are frills and of limited utility.

but Iran has no navy or air force and no modern civilian airlines and no decent automobiles because iran has no decent manufacturing base.