Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Iranian Safir 'jeeps' operated by Iraqi forces

Evidence of Iranian manufactured Safir tactical vehicles being operated by allied Shia fighting forces in Iraq. Deployment of Iranian arms seen in response to the 2014 Northern Iraq Offensive.

Background: Iranian-manufactured FVI Safir ("Ambassador") 4x4 multipurpose military vehicle as equipped by Iran with M40 recoilless rifle (designated 106 mm).

Black uniform details suggestive of Iraqi National Police ERU members (previously supplied in abundance with American-manufactured HMMWVs, of a type recently captured in number by "Islamic State" fighters to be transported as prizes of war to Syria),

Gear details on individual outfitted in woodland-camo BDU and armed with PKM indicative of ISF affiliation.

DBDU type uniform worn by soldier atop Safir indicative of Iraqi Army.

Another Iranian-manufactured FVI Safir "jeep" type vehicle as equipped by Iran with M40 recoilless rifle.

INP camo BDUs seen here of a type recently issued to Iraqi-Shia volunteers in response to the 2014 Northern Iraq Offensive.

Two Iranian-manufactured FVI Safir "jeep" type vehicles as equipped by Iran with M40 recoilless rifle, seen upon recent delivery from Iran to Iraq, at Umm Qasr Port.

Previously posted here at UOI:  Iranian-manufactured FVI Safir equipped with D.I.O. Fajr-1 twelve-tube rocket launcher, seen in action during the 2014 Northern Iraq Offensive.


Mark Pyruz said...

From Mehr News:

FM spokeswoman denies Iran sends planes to Iraq

TEHRAN, July 9 (MNA) –Iran’s FM spokeswoman has said Islamic Republic of Iran has not sent any air strikers to Iraq.

Asked about stories in western media about Iran’s sending of Sukhoi fighter aircraft to Iraq, Marzieh Afkham said that the Islamic Republic of Iran never sent any fighters or military equipment to Iraq.

Comment: Apparently these folks in Tehran are unaware of Iraqi media and MoD reports (including photos and videos) of Iranian military equipment being provided to Iraq. Ah, denials were so much easier before common access to the internet became widespread...

Anonymous said...

Safir is extremely agile and easy to maintain. It doesn't provide the best protection for the crew but it is indeed one of the greatest Iranian designs where the simplicity in all aspects makes it a favorite amongst soldiers. This jeep can go for days if not months without any major need for repair or maintenance in all weather conditions, especially the hot desert environment where dust provides all kinds of problems. Its design is based on the the concepts of legendary US made Jeep Willys in terms of simplicity and reliability.