Sunday, July 27, 2014

Iran Inflation Rate at 25.3%

Inflation Rate Cut by 20 Percent During First Year of Rouhani Administration
The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) reported today that the country’s inflation rate for the twelve-month period ending in the Iranian calendar month of Teer 1993 (23 July 2014) was at 25.3 percent. This is a reduction in annual inflation rate by 2.4 percent over the numbers reported last month, and a reduction of 5 percent in the rate since the beginning of the Iranian calendar year 1993 (21 March 2014).

Since Rouhani formed his administration last year, the annual inflation rate has been cut by 20 percent, from the record 45 percent rate during the last month of Ahmadinejad’s administration to the current 25 percent.


Anonymous said...

and if a deal is made the wildly high inflation rate will continue to come down.

no deal and the economy goes back into meltdown.

Anonymous said...

who calls about economy meltdown,
he was nener been im iran.

with or without deal iran can not be isolated and countries arounf the world wil start trading with iran

Anonymous said...

Do not need to be inside a country to know that high inflation rates can cause any economy to spiral down and cause pain and suffering on the majority of the population.