Monday, July 28, 2014

Segregated cycle facilities at Tabriz, newly installed

Newly installed bike lanes being evaluated on Imam Khomeini Street, for further application at select sites in the municipality of Tabriz.

Tabriz Mayor Sadegh Najafi-Khazarlou seen here aboard his personal bicycle, along newly installed bike lane on Imam Khomeini Steet. Mayor Najafi-Khazarlou is a leading exponent of muniicpal bike lanes, citing their implementation in improving the health of citizens, improving local pollution standards and better enabling cultural needs of bicyclists in the city.

Tabriz bike lane alomg Imam Khomeini Steet, seen fitted with barriers and markers



Anonymous said...

Very important news Mark!!! I am so glad did not miss it!!! Great Job!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes. it's only in wonderful and vital reports such as this one, and the ones about Iranians pouring concrete for more of the glorious new shopping malls, that there are no attempts to rationalize regime iniquity.

far better than the usual run of Mark's mill.

Paul Iddon said...

Bit of local news, provided, it's Iran-related, isn't all that irrelevant. Gives this blog more character and makes it all the more unique.

Anonymous said...

I hope that this paths will be not used as express ways for the motorbike drivers, as usual in Tehran.

interested party said...

I agree. I wish my local authorities had the good sense to separate bicycles and motor vehicles. Always good to see the other side of Iran. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark for shearing this. ;-)