Friday, April 18, 2014

Police Brutally Attacks Political Prisoners at Evin

Dozens Beaten; Personal Belongings Smashed
Reports from Iran indicate that on Thursday around 100 security agents and riot police, accompanied by IRGC and Intelligence Ministry personnel, entered the notorious Evin Prison, and its Section 350, where political prisoners are held, to conduct “a search.”

The security agents used extreme violence when prisoners objected to the irregular search, with the police smashing TV sets, equipment and personal belongings of the prisoners, and beating dozens of detainees who were later placed in solitary confinement at Section 240.

The Fascist-type search of political prisoners’ cells, beating the detainees and smashing their personal belongings in this day and age is outrageous. Reporters Without Borders, among other human rights organizations, has condemned the police brutality. To read their report, please click here.

File photo: Evin Prison, Tehran. (


Mark Pyruz said...

Would like to see corroborating evidence for these claims.(Glad Hoder's name wasn't on the list of claimed injured.)

That said, this sounds a lot like past Russian reliance on Spetznaz to impose order on problematic prison populations.

Nader Uskowi said...

It's not the prison population which is problematic; it's the government that keeps so many political prisoners and being so brutal which is problematic.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Pyruz, prove to us that this event didn't take place.


Anonymous said...

It begs the question where this guy stands. Obviously he is not spring chicken. Despite that fact it always amazes what answer he comes up with. His usual justification is to cushion anything bad happening in Iran by giving an example of 18th Century America and now he is using Russia for "problematic political prisoners". First, there is no conviction for expressing one's opinion in a free society. So there is no justification for labelling a wrong with wrong. That is *political prisoners*. I guess if one is bent on supporting a despicable regime that has no respect to human lives and property, then there is no hope for the individual.

Back to the subject, there is not such thing in a country that is run by the rule of law to go into prison and beat up people. Unless that society is barbaric!

What has changed in Iran? During the shah's time SAVAK was doing the same thing. I guess basij is the new name for laats and follower's of Shaban Bi-Mokh.

Anonymous said...

These people are one thousand times worse than SAVAK.

Anonymous said...

According to zarif there are no political sprsoners in iran. lol

Anonymous said...

TEHRAN: The families of men incarcerated in Tehran's notorious Evin prison protested Tuesday near the Iranian president's office, citing mistreatment of their loved ones, activists said.

The gathering came after reports of violence in the jail during an inspection of inmates at Section 350, which houses political prisoners.

Several prisoners were beaten and hurt in Thursday's incident, according to Kaleme, an opposition website, but Iran's prisons chief said it was "totally wrong" to say guards had committed assault.

In Tuesday's protest, filmed by one participant and posted on, dozens of demonstrators gathered in a street near the presidential compound.

In the short video, they chanted: "Evin has become Palestine, government why are you sitting and doing nothing?" referring to alleged Israeli violence against Palestinians.

The families, Kaleme said, want to meet government officials to discuss the alleged violence at Evin and they have also demanded a response from President Hassan Rouhani.

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