Thursday, April 17, 2014

Donyaye Arezoo Commercial Complex in Sari, under construction

Another ambitious commercial complex under construction in Iran: the Donyaye Arezoo Commercial Complex in Sari. Completed project envisions eight levels.

Like a number of other commercial complexes being constructed in Iran, Donyaye Arezoo will provide a large, multi-level shopping center as well as multi-purpose convention hall.

Iranian construction workers at Donyaye Arezoo Commercial Complex in Sari

Rendering of completed Donyaye Arezoo Commercial Complex in Sari

Photos: Donyaye Arezoo


Mark Pyruz said...

Dating on photos is obviously off.

Anonymous said...

Dear publisher,

No disrespect. However, I gather by now most readers are tired of seeing these how finished buildings poping up now and then to prove that Iran is doing well economically despite the sanctions. I love to see a picture of a factory or two being built as opposed to these consumer stuff that I am not sure how many can afford to shop there.

Anonymous said...

it's more than the dating that's off