Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inauguration of Tehran Metro Line 3

The first 20 kilometers of Tehran Metro Line 3 have been formally inaugurated, with the remaining 17 planned for later in the year. When complete,  Tehran Metro Line 3 will be the longest subway route in the Middle East.

Tehran Metro Line 3 subway train operator at the controls

Interior detail of Tehran Metro Line 3 passenger cars

Tehran Metro Line 3 automated ticket gates

Tehran Metro Line 3 automated ticket gates passenger boarding platform

Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf at Tehran Metro Line 3 Moniriyeh Station access, following inauguration ceremonies.

Tehran Metro Line 3 Ghalemorghi Station access

Photos: Omid Vahabzadeh at Fars News Agency, Asghar Khamseh at Mehr News Agency


Anonymous said...

Iranian dynmaic is unbeliveable
if you visit a large cities and you come back 2-3 years again
you can not recognize it

Anonymous said...

Tehrans subway is cleaner and classier than most in the US. Theyve done a great job with the subways, in Iran, marble floors, lots of artwork. Hopefully this helps with reducing smog.

Anonymous said...

The New York subway for example was built over a hundred years ago. So what's your point?

Anonymous said...

And New York's is dilapidated and falling apart. Outside of the stations in Touristy Manhattan the stations in Brooklyn and Queens looks like it hasnt even been maintained since its opening 100 years ago. They could at least have kepts New York's subways clean. There is so much garbage on the tracks in New York that trains are often delayed due to electrical fires. Tehrans is spotless, shined everyday. No smelly bums, no pools of urine doused with chlorine bleach, liter is cleaned promptly.
The only US subway system that even comes close to Tehran's is Washington DC. Its the only subway ive seen in the US that Ive been impressed with. Boston, Chicago all suck
Tehrans subways look like a museum. Filled with cool artwork.
LA's subway is dirty and its as new as Tehran's whats their excuse?

Anonymous said...

Your argument is just nonsensical. Tehran's subway look clean for now because it is new. In a few years from now it to will smell of urine with smelly bums and have garbage on its tracks. Just hope you're around to see it.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing nonsensical about my comment. Irans subway has been operational for 15 years, still looks pretty clean. And like I said Los Angeleses subway is the same age as Irans, why isnt it as clean as Tehran's.
And as to your whole old is dirtier than new argument. Look up pics of Moscow's subway which is just a decade younger than New Yorks. Yet after like 85 years it even looks better than Tehran's. Wear and tear is one thing, but comparing NYC and Moscow subways really underscores this.