Monday, April 21, 2014

Iran Military Day 2014 - Tehran (expanded coverage)


IRIAF formation of Grumman F-14A Tomcats flown in from Isfahan / Shahid Beheshti (TAB 8)

IRIAF formation of McDonnell Douglas F-4E aircraft from 31st TFS (TAB 3) and 61st TFS (TAB 6)

IRIAF formation of Dassault F1EQ and F1BQ aircraft from 102nd TFS (TAB 10)

IRIAF formation of Northrop (HESA) F-5E Saeghe from 23rd TFS (TAB 2)

IRIAF formation of Northrop F-5F Tiger II aircraft from 21st TFS (TAB 2) and 43rd TFS (TAB 4)

IRIAF Sukhoi Su-24MK aircraft from TAB 7, exhibiting aerial refueling capability

Unique IRIAF formation of MiG-29UB, F-14A, F-4E, Su-24MK and F1BQ aircraft

IRIAF formation of Chengdu FT-7N Airguards from TAB 5 and 85th TFS (TAB 8)

IRIAA formation of Bell AH-1J International Cobra (209) attack helicopters

IRIAA Bell AH-1J International Cobra (209) attack helicopter

IRIAA Boeing (Elicotteri Meridionali) CH-47C Chinook (219) heavy-lift helicopter

IRIAA Agusta AB-205A-1 utility helicopter

Updated NEZAJA Zulfiqar-3 main battle tank

Opposing view of updated NEZAJA Zulfiqar-3 main battle tank

NEZAJA T-72S and M60 hauled in parade by tank transporters

T-72S main battle tank from a NEZAJA armored brigade
Turret and commander detail of NEZAJA T-72S main battle tank

ERA detail on turret side of NEZAJA M60 main battle tank

Sayyad light armored fighting vehicle fitted with rocket launchers

NEZAJA BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles

NEZAJA BTR-60 type APC fitted with ZU-23-2 based remote weapon station

Detail of ZU-23-2 based remote weapon station

NEZAJA M107 175 mm self-propelled gun

M110 8 inch (203 mm) self-propelled howitzer
Chieftain Mark 5 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB)

Nazeat-10H artillery rocket

Nazeat-6H artillery rockets

Fajr-5 333 mm multiple-launch rocket systems

BM-21 Grad 122 mm multiple rocket launchers

Newly unveiled Muharram 12.7 mm 6-barreled Gatling-type machine gun

Detail of Muharram 12.7 mm 6-barreled Gatling-type machine gun

IRIADF Sepehr with top-mounted ZU-23-2 autocannon and Mercedes-Benz L-series carrying personnel armed with Misagh-type MANPADS

Safir variant fitted with 9K111 Fagot (AT-4) SACLOS wire-guided anti-tank missile system

NEZAJA Ranger light tactical vehicle fitted with Shaher 14.5 mm anti-material sniper rifle

NEZAJA Ranger light tactical vehicle fitted with DShK heavy machine gun

NEZAJA Ranger light tactical vehicle fitted with Akhgar 7.62 mm Gatling-type machine gun

IRI Marines aboard ATV fitted with dual 107 mm rocket tubes

Elements of elite NEZAJA commando brigade aboard Banihashem ATV 500 quads

ATV 500 quads fitted for battlefield medevac duties

Newly unveiled NEZAJA Zoljanah 10x10 heavy-duty truck

Cab detail of NEZAJA Zoljanah 10x10 heavy-duty truck

Iranian Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks paraded with United Nations markings

KrAZ-6322 troop transport trucks laden with elements of elite NEZAJA commando brigade

IRIADF visual spotter teams aboard Honda XR series motorbikes

Elements of 65th Airborne Special Forces Brigade (NOHED) equipped with AKMS type assault rifles and M79 variant grenade launcher.

Mobile observation booth fitted to Mercedes-Benz L-series flatbed truck

Iranian electronic warfare vehicle

Iranian signals intercept/ electronic warfare vehicles

IRIADF Meli radar

IRIADF Kasta 2E radar mast truck

Detail of IRIADF Kasta 2E radar mast truck

NEBO-M type surveillance radar on an IRIADF integrated truck transport

IRIADF Troposcatter TTS-480 vehicle

External detail of IRIADF Troposcatter TTS-480

IRIADF High Power Illuminating Radar (HPIR) for Mersad (I-HAWK) air defense system

IRIADF Mersad air defense system (I-HAWK) SAM system transport and launch related components

IRIADF Mersad air defense system (I-HAWK) mobile launcher

IRIADF updated S-200 surface-to-air missile

IRIADF Shahab Thaqeb Tagheb (HQ-7 / FM-80) short range air defense missile system

Detail of IRIADF personnel equipped with Misagh-2 MANPADS

IRIADF Rapier surface-to-air missile system (training rounds)

Klimov RD-33 and Liyang Wopen WP-13F type turbofan engines, presumed display of refurbishment capabilities for IRIAF MiG-29 and Chengdu F-7 type combat aircraft.

IRIAF GBU-78 Ghassed guided bomb unit

IRIAF Yaser air-to-ground rocket

IRIAF Sattar-1 air-to-ground missile

IRIAF Asre-67 air-to-ground missile

IRIAF Fakour-90 (AIM-54) air-to-air missile

IRIAF Sedjeel (modified I-HAWK) air-to-air missile

IRIAF Sattar type air-to-ground missile exhibited with TLS-99 laser designator

IRIAF GBU-10 laser guided bomb exhibited with laser designator

IRIAF Zoobin air-to-ground missile

IRGC Noor/Qader AShM mobile launcher vehicles

YJ-82K (C-802K) air-launched AShM

Newly unveiled Iranian "Cruise Missile" land attack cruise missile (LACM)

Detail of newly unveiled Iranian "Cruise Missile" land attack cruise missile (LACM)

Qader medium-range anti-ship cruise missile

Nasr type short-range anti-ship missile

Fajr-27 (OTO Melara) 76 mm rapid fire naval artillery system

Scale replica of planned IRINS Persian Gulf (xx) Loghman class warship

Parade display for IRI Marines

Simulated woodland foliage Ghillie suits

Detail of veil for simulated woodland foliage Ghillie suits

Student Basij in woodland BDUs parade portraits of the fallen from Iran-Iraq War

IRI Presdient Rouhani and Iran military commanders preside over parade

Foreign military observers at Iran Military Day Parade in Tehran

Video. IRINN:

Photo credits:
Worrior at
Islamic Republic News Agency
Javad Hadi, Saeed Faramarzi at Mehr News Agency
Mahmood Hosseini, Efran Kouchari at Tasnim News Agency
Shahriar Shams at Iranian Labour News Agency
Mahdi Marizad at Fars News Agency


Brig. Gen. Basrawi (IQAF. ret) said...

Have the defense industry reverse engineered the Exocet missile yet?

Or have they permanently settled for the already reverse engineered and domestically produced Chinese derivatives?

Anonymous said...

You Got To admit, That those ATV Medi Quads are very Innovative and clever!
And I also see new Weapons this time. Usually it's the same old display, but this Parade is exhibiting new Weapons. Finally, I'm actually impressed.