Thursday, April 17, 2014

Iranian Border Guards End Large-Scale Drills

The Iranian border guards today ended their four-day wargames in the four western provinces bordering Iraq, Khouzestan, Ilam, Kermanshah and Kurdistan. The exercises, codenamed ‘Eqtedar 3’, involved some 4,000 border guards and training in weapons, tactics, counter-terrorism and counter-smuggling, Fars News Agency reported.

“The objective of the drills were enhancing border guards power in confronting threat,” said Brig. Gen. Hossein Zolfaqari, border guards commander.

Gen. Zolfaqari did not elaborate what particular threats the guards could be confronting in near future. The New York Times, however, reported that the security situation in Iraq was deteriorating, with Sunni insurgents closing in on western outskirts of Baghdad.

The ‘Eqtedar 3’ exercises could probably mean that Iran is concerned of any spillover effects of the security situation in the neighboring Iraq.

Photo credit: An Iranian border guard at Iraq border (FNA)


Anonymous said...

off-topic, but of interest

Saudi Prince Bandar has resigned

B.M.A said...

GOOD riddance for a prince of terrorists - HE must stand trial at the HAGUE !!.

Anonymous said...


So must your dear fundamentalist benefactors

Anonymous said...

after Khomeini

Anonymous said...

A bit rich coming from a person that supports a terrorist regime. And you out of all people asking him to be put on trial at the Hague which according to people like yourself is an "Zionist entity".

Anonymous said...

AnonymousApril 17, 2014 at 1:28 PM

Khomeini ate dirt and croaked way back in 1989.... not long after having drank from the poison chalice (his own metaphor for his defeat in the war). The vile cleric said that he envied the hundreds of thousands of people that had departed this earth thru martyrdom. 80% + of whom had been manipulated into shouldering the burden of his personal vendetta with Saddam thru the prolonging of the war.