Monday, April 14, 2014

IRGCN Up-Arms Tondar Fast Attack Craft with Qader Missile

IRGC Navy (IRGCN) has refitted its Tondar fast attack craft (FAC) with Qader anti-ship missiles (AShM). Iran imported 10 Tondars from China in the mid-1990s. They remain the largest combat vessels in the IRGCN's fleet. (HIS Jane’s 360, 10 April)

The Tondar FACs were originally armed with Chinese C-802 anti-ship missiles and later its Iranian-version Noor. The domestically produced Qaders are extended range C-802/3 variant, with a range of 200 km and GPS assisted. Qader went into production in 2011.

Qader, first produced as shore-based launchers, are now being used on different platforms. They are  fitted on F-4 Phantom fighters as air-launched anti-ship cruise missiles, and on Kaman (Combattante II)-class FACs and Jamaran-class frigates.

File photo: Qader Anti-Ship Missile (

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I wonder who controls the GPS.