Monday, April 28, 2014

'Beit ol-Moghaddas' rapid reaction battalion exercises at Tehran

During the past week, IRGC Mohammad Rasulollah Corps led a two-day “Ala Beit ol-Moghaddas” ("Towards Jerusalem") exercise within Tehran's "five geographical regions."

Left to right:
- Unidentified IRGC Brigadier General 2C, likely in command of assembled 'Beit ol-Moghaddas' rapid reaction battalion exercises
- Commander of Basij, Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naqdi
- Commander of Mohammad Rasulollah Corps, IRGC Brigadier General Mohsen Kazemeini

Iranian leadership inspecting assembled 'Beit ol-Moghaddas' rapid reaction battalion for Greater Tehran region

IRGC training deputy among 'Beit ol-Moghaddas' rapid reaction battalion force members

An IRGC military brass band (!)

At another geographic region of Tehran, IRGC second lieutenant among elements of 'Beit ol-Moghaddas' rapid reaction battalion. Exercise reportedly included troop movements, ambushes, exercise-related road building efforts, anti-helicopter operations and passive defense measures

IRGC training deputies among ordered columns of 'Beit ol-Moghaddas' rapid reaction battalion

Iran-Iraq war veteran member of 'Beit ol-Moghaddas' rapid reaction battalion

Demonstration of tripod-mounted DShK type heavy machine gun

Setup of firing position for PKM type general machine gun 

Demonstration of PKM type general machine gun 

Extended column of Basij light infantry participating in 'Beit ol-Moghaddas' rapid reaction battalion exercise

Study of young Basij light infantrymen participating in 'Beit ol-Moghaddas' rapid reaction battalion exercise

Situated armor props include decommissioned Ch'ŏnma-ho I (Ga) variant T-62 tank and ZSU-57-2 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun,

IRGC leadership involved in the exercises, including Lieutenant Commander of Basij, Brigadier General Ali Fazli (standing, 2nd from left).

Photo credits:
Milad Alaei, Majid Asgaripour and Azin Haghighi at Fars News Agency
Payam Sani at Mehr News Agency


Mark Pyruz said...

In identifying that Ch'ŏnma-ho I (Ga) tank, it occurred to me I provided an incorrect variant designation for T-72 on the following posts:

- Iran Military Day 2014 - Tehran (expanded coverage)

- Iran Military Day 2014 - Provinces

The post entries have been corrected.

Anonymous said...

Why do these Islamic thugs always name their 3rd-rate, North Korean-knockoff military hardware and exercises with Arabic names (e.g. "Sijjil") and cities outside of Iran (e.g. Jerusalem, Karbala, etc)?

Anonymous said...

go and see what Israeli expert thinks about Iran vs. North Korea. According to them Iran is now more advanced and technology is transferred from Iran to NK.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:19 AM

Why? Because it is a Tazi regime occupying Iran.

Anonymous said...

More advanced then the relic outdated North Korea?. lol Is that something to be proud of?.

Anonymous said...

8:43 PM be proud or not but I just contradict the BS that some people iterate (that NK provides Iran with technology)

B.M.A said...

A RESOLVE of a people who are more than ready to defend their ideals and honor !!.If JANE'S and other defense sources were honest i think they would rank Iran somewhere at position 6 or seven in the global military ranking !!.

Anonymous said...

US , Russia , China, France , Germany, UK (Iran) Is that what you mean? On what do you base that assumption? Any hard facts or figures? Quantity or quality of the military hardwear?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousApril 27, 2014 at 8:43 PM
Yeah,iran would be much better off copying saudi and the gulf states by squandering tens of billions on weapons it doesnt need and cant use,and last time I looked it was the north koreans copying iranian triconic warhead designs for their missiles

Anonymous said...

The regime see the Iranian people as the main enemy.

Anonymous said...

Tehran's suburbs is as "toward Jerusalem" as these jokers and jackers are gonna get.

they should stick to what they are good for..... shooting unarmed girls and running over people protesting