Monday, April 21, 2014

Iran Military Day 2014 - Provinces


T-72S main battle tank from a NEZAJA armored brigade

I-HAWK type SAMs with M501 Loader/Transporter

Iranian-assembled Banihashem ATV 500 fitted with BGM-71 TOW type anti-tank missile launcher

NEZAJA elements of elite brigade equipped with Iranian G3-A4 battle rifles

Iranian Nakhjir (SVD) marksman rifle and MPT-9 (MP-5) submachine gun

NEZAJA soldiers issued with alpine-type uniforms and G3-A3 battle rifles

NAJA Special Forces motorized section on parade

NAJA Special Forces on parade

NAJA anti-riot section on parade

NAJA anti-riot section equipment detail


Elements of NEZAJA 25th Independent Commando Brigade equipped with G3-A4 battle rifles

IRIADF troops with bayonets fixed on G3-A3 battle rifles

Possible elements of NEZAJA 364th 'Shahid Ali Nasirzadeh' Infantry Brigade parading with PKM type machine guns and RPG-7 type launchers

Foreground: DIOMIL mobile generator vehicles

2012 Yamaha WaveRunner VX Deluxe likely security-related to Mahabad Dam

Elements of local Basij Imam Hussein battalion

NAJA Special Forces section equipped with MPT-9 (MP-5) submachine gun


T-72M1 main battle tank from NEZAJA 37th Independent Armored Brigade

Tank commander and gunner of NEZAJA T-72M1 main battle tank

BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) from NEZAJA 37th Independent Armored Brigade

NEZAJA BMP-2 IFV commander from NEZAJA NEZAJA 37th Independent Armored Brigade

Safir light tactical vehicle fitted with M40 recoilless rifle

Elements of NEZAJA 55th Airborne Brigade on parade

NAJA sections equipped with Nakhjir (SVD) marksman rifles, aboard Toyota Hilux N70 series pickup trucks

NAJA armored water cannon vehicle (AWCV) on parade


Safir light tactical vehicles fitted with 107 mm MRLS and M40 recoilless rifle

Elements of aNEZAJA infantry brigade outfitted in chemical defense ensembles and issued G3-A4 battle rifles

Elements of a NEZAJA infantry brigade parading with portraits of the fallen from Iran-Iraq War and victims of terrorism. Foreground: portrait of Lieutenant General Ali Sayad Shirazi, assassinated fifteen years ago by MEK terrorists.


NAJA motorized anti-riot section on parade

IRGC-N MIL-40 type patrol craft in Persian Gulf waters

S-200 surface-to-air missile container atop truck flatbed trailer


IRIAF F-14A Tomcats from Isfahan / Shahid Beheshti (TAB 8)

BTR-60 type armored personnel carriers from a NEZAJA mechanized infantry brigade on parade

Towed M115 203 mm howitzer from a NEZAJA independent artillery group

IRIADF service member equipped with Misagh type MANPADS

NEZAJA service members aboard late model Honda Gold Wing luxury touring motorcycle (!)

NEJAJA service members parading on a variety of late model sport and off-road motorcycles


IRGC-GF guardsmen equipped with Sayyad 5.56 assault rifles

IRGC guardsmen from Imam Sadegh Corps on parade

Foreground: NAJA border protection formation equipped with AK-type assault rifles on parade

Iranian Marines aboard towed craft, on parade

Hossein Heidarpour, Hamed Tahamian, Abdolrahman Rafati,  Farhad Babaei, Nima Najafzadeh and Ali Hodaei at Tasnim News Agency, Islamic Republic News Agency.

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Brig. Gen. Basrawi (IQAF. ret) said...

Nice showcasing of the Iranian military. Interesting variety of camoflauge.