Saturday, March 2, 2013

Railway construction in the Azerbaijani provinces of Iran

Infrastructure upgrades being applied to the Miandoab-Mahabad railway line in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran, and the Maragheh-Orumieh railway line in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. Photos posted within the past 45 days.

Miandoab-Mahabad railway line construction project

Miandoab-Mahabad railway lines with new platform in the background

Newly constructed platform at the station

New roadway leading up to the station

Front facade of the newly constructed station

Maragheh-Orumieh railway line construction project

Newly built platform at the station

Railway trestles being constructed from concrete

Maragheh-Orumieh railway lines

The railway assisting in its own infrastructure upgrade

Suitably geared Iranian construction worker

Front facade of the newly completed terminal

Photos: IRNA

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Reza Shah built the National Railway Line of Iran with nothing.
These imbeciles have wasted Billions and stolen Hundreds of Billions and couldn't build a single track from Isfahan to Shiraz.