Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Velayat-4 Air defense Maneuvers 2012 (Day 1/4)--English clip

Video Source: press TV

Please note that compared to velayat 3 maneuvers conducted in November of 2010, the Velayat 4 covers the Eastern, central, north eastern and southern part of the country, whereas the 2010 air defense maneuvers covered the entire country. It is not clear whether this change is due to budget cuts or change in military assessments.


Anonymous said...

BTW, the correct spelling is
Maneuver, manoeuvre, manoeuver and denotes one's tactical move, or series of moves, that improves or maintains one's strategic situation in a competitive environment.

In any case, these maneuvers are on the eastern borders at the recently commissioned Birjand TAB (Tactical airbase). On the contrary, Iranian defence budget has been increased by about 20% recently and there is a complete reorganization that is underway in the order of battle and force structure based on smaller and more rapid reaction force structure focusing on mobility and combined arms operations.

It is also great to see the old reliable F-14A Persian Cats in action and flying alonside the upgraded Chinese Chengdu Airguard F-7/J-7 point defence fighters that now are armed with Iranian made Fattar AIM-9 and new ejection seats. Mirage F-1EQ based at Zahedan and Birjand TABS are also taking part in these wargames.

Unknown said...

You are right , typo corrected. Thanks

As far as the equipement goes i think that the operative word on the F-14s has to be "old". The F-7 are the same as Mig 21-s and they're so old that they're not even in production anymore. It's nice that they have new ejection seats though.

Lets hope these pilots will not be sacreficed in a futile fight against the vastly superior US airforce and navy planes. Can you imagine a chinese made F-7 confronting an F-18?!

Anonymous said...

Mig-21s were obsolete 40 YEARS AGO.

Iranians are so deluded. The US coudl literally wipe out 90% of their air defense system in a day, and the rest in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:13 AM. The correct spelling depends on which English you use. There is not one, correct spelling. Maneuver is American English and manoeuvre is just English.

Mark Pyruz said...

Still hoping to see photo verifications of the new or upgraded SAMs Iranian media is reporting.

Anonymous said...

@November 13, 2012 9:57 AM
Talk is cheap. The simple FACT is that Afghan goat herders have defeated the US and bankrupted it in a decade. I believe some of you live in absolute FANTASY and delusional video games world of violence. Real war is a different matter.

BTW, all US frontline aircraft from the F-15E to F-16 are over 40 year old designs as well. The B-52 is pushing 60 years plus. LOL.

Unknown said...

@anon 7:56 pm
Not sure if your recist remark against afghans is the point, or the blind hatred of he west. Can't keep up with so much hate going on.

Anonymous said...

What harsh and whining way to speak, that reporter has. Does the Iranian media have anyone who can speak English decently? That's definitely a video to watch with the sound turned down low. That accent hurt my ears.

Anonymous said...

@Jabbar Fazeli

Can you imagine a chinese made F-7 confronting an F-18?!

You do realize that F-7s are not Iran's front-line fighters?

Anonymous said...

The entire yearly defense budget of Iran is equal to the cups of coffee the US armed forces use every year.
So let those regime idiots make themselves feel happy by flying those pieces of old junk in the air with a wing and a prayer!

Unknown said...

@anon 8:48

Do you mean the plane retired by the US airforce 16 years ago and hasn't had any real upgrades since the shah baught them in 1970s?

They'll be lucky not to fall apart under combat condition G forces.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:25 PM

The defense budget of Iran is nowhere near the level of the U.S. defense budget, but to suggest that The entire yearly defense budget of Iran is equal to the cups of coffee only illustrate your own absurdity and laughable stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:17 PM

The "laughable stupidity" lies in the fact that the regime is parading its repainted old pieces of junk around and claiming its the latest technology.And gullible twits like you lapping every bit of their nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Jabbar 9:26

Military matters isn't your forte, i'm afraid. Your statement is incorrect.

Anonymous said...


No, I mean these: image gallery

And they can hold their own against F-16 Falcon and F-18 Hornet, their principal rivals.

Anonymous said...

the Iranian air force has about three dozen F-14s and they can not "hold their own against their replacement, the F-18.

the few Iranian F-14s will be overwhelmed and destroyed should they take to the air.

and what would the F-14s do against the F-22?

Unknown said...

@anon 3:16
I don't think anyone in the IR would agree with you that Iran's front line fighter is now the Fulcrum, even if they managed to scrape off the Iraqi flags from those planes. They are pretty planes even in the rusty iranian separah and Air Force versions.

Fact is that the Iranian Air Force's backbone is still made up of the geriatric F-4s and F-5s and the remaining operatiional F14s.

Even if we assume that the mig 29 Fulcrum is operated by Iran in large enough numbers we all know that these planes are over 30 years old and are not the latest Russian versions. Even sadam realized the futility of sending them up against the more modern western air forces and opted to have them flown to his enemy Iran instead.