Sunday, November 4, 2012

20-Percent Uranium Enrichment is On (Again!)

An Iranian lawmaker who said that Iran has suspended its 20-percent uranium enrichment program, has now denied that the suspension ever took place. Mohammad Hassan Asafari, a member of the national security committee of the Iranian parliament, Majlis, was quoted by semi-official news agency ISNA on Saturday that Iran has suspended its program of enriching uranium at 20-percent purity as a confidence building measure and a gesture of good will toward the West, and in return expected that the economic sanctions against the country be lifted.

Later on Saturday, Fars News Agency quoting an unnamed senior official contradicted Asafari’s assertion and said the enrichment program to the 20-percent degree will continue. And today, the state-run Press TV reported Asafari’s denial. The 20-percent enrichment is on (again!)

“The 20-percent [uranium] enrichment has not been and will not be halted in Iran,” Asafari said. “Yet, as announced previously, Tehran is ready to temporarily supply its need for 20%-enriched uranium for its 5-megawatt Tehran Reactor from abroad if the sanctions are lifted.” (Press TV, 4 November)


Anonymous said...

Iranians like to run their mouths, without authority, and without credibility, more than any other people. Wherever you see an Iranian, you can expect bullshit to be close.

Anonymous said...

Once a liar always a liar!

Unknown said...

@aon 7:30

I too am allergic to BS, especially that eminating from this Iranian government,
but don't you think that your assumption about the temperament of 70 million Iranians is also BS?!

Mark Pyruz said...

From time to time, we've seen comments made and retracted over military, security and foreign policy moves made here by U.S. congressmen, so we shouldn't necessarily determine that Iran is exceptional in this regard.

This particular matter could be perceived as possibly being a "feeling out the temperature of the water" for negotiation purposes and/or related to a temporary technical stage in the production of <20% LEU, we don't know.

Anonymous said...

Iran's leadership knows that keeping Obama in the white house will keep them in power much longer.......nothing to see here!

Anonymous said...

On again, off again. This 20% flip-flop is as good Mitt Romney's Flip Flops on all major issues.