Sunday, November 25, 2012

Iran's VTOL drone a hoax

Photo source: Top left:ettellaat newspaper, Top right: the original photo from Chiba university (note the small wind turbines in the original Japanese picture), bottom left:Chiba university, bottom right: Chiba university
By: Jabbar Fazeli, MD

A regular reader of this blog has brought it to our attention that the Iranian VTOL drone unveiled this month is actually a Japanese drone, QTW (Quad Tilt Wing) UAV (1). The Japanese drone was developed by Chiba university's Nonami robotics and system control laboratory in 2008 in collaboration with "GH craft".

The reader was kind enough to provide a link to another post by Gary Mortimer at describing this on November 16, 2012; the post included links to the Japanese website and photographs.(2)

The Japanese GTW UAV is capable of carrying a 5 kg payload for 15 minutes, in case you were wondering.

When I wrote about the subject on November 8, 2012 (3), I was working under the assumption that the Islamic Republic regime was simply embellishing its accomplishments, claiming that its VTOL drone was the "first" in the world. I clearly underestimated the regime's willingness to fabricate news for propaganda purposes. It is no longer content to spin real news to its benefit, but is now blatantly fabricating news and accomplishments out of thin air, no pun intended.

Clearly the propaganda chiefs in Iran are underestimating the "rain man" factor, and the ability of many to catch them red handed when they do lie. The Iranians should also keep in mind that the IAEA has a few rain men of its own.

I look forward to hearing the cyber basij's retort on this issue; multiple posts under different names welcome.



Anonymous said...

common sense will tell you its just a picture so because some newspaper carried it its all hoax right

the BBCs been known to carry many wrong pictures captioned doesn't mean the British government lying because of it

Surenas said...

Haha, Ianian regime (media) busted again. How pathetic!

Surenas said...

November 25, 2012 4:55 PM
The media in Iran is just a mouthpiece of the regime, and not independent at all, so you can't make the difference between them. Second, why did the Iranian media photoshopped the original pic? They deliberately wanted to give the impression that the drone seen in that pic, is Iranian made, while it's not. Not the first time the Iranian regime (media) is photoshopping military equipment.

Surenas said...

Another farce:

IRIB3 (Iranian state broadcasting) using scenes of the movie Topgun, while claiming it's a Iranian F-14:

Mark Pyruz said...

Iran media commonly contains flaws in its defense related reporting. Previously, there have been mistakes in providing photos of aircraft types, the RQ-170, a space reentry vehicle concept, etc. Western MSM media is little better. Just a few days ago, Reuters reported a hit score for Iron Dome of 421 out of 1500, giving it a "90% success rate". Attributing such reporting flaws as indicative of the sourced country's integrity or general competency is ridiculous.

If Jabbar is serious about defense reporting, a little more experience with handling such material might lead him to seek more reliable sources than just Mehr, Fars, the Associated Press, Reuters, etc., collecting instead open sourced material and evidence, qualified analysis and discussion, and deriving conclusions from a variety of sources. But then, the object would have to be objective, reliable analyses and not simply efforts intended to demonize the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!
What do you expect from Kirib and Farcical "News" Agency?

Anonymous said...

Jeez what a big deal *sigh*! The main point was to have a picture of a drone in the newspaper. All newspapers from around the world have inaccuracies printed daily. Unlike Mr Uskowi and Mr Puryz, Mr Fazeli is not objective in his reportings evidenced by his added viewpoints which are skewed with the purpose of trashing IRI at every turn, i'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7:57 PM

Yeah, they just needed a pic. That's why they photoshopped it?

Anonymous said...

Besides has it not occured to some folks here on this blog that IRI isn't particurarly keen on revealing their newest creation to the adversaries? Hence they deduced that any pic of a drone will do just fine, to serve as a generic presentation.

Anonymous said...

In this instance it may not have been a mistake. Infact they simply chose a random photo of a VTOL capable drone, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

8:05 What does your statement actually prove again...?

They basically erased the wind powered generators from the background, so as to give the picture a cleaner look, where else it could distract from the main object in the photo.

Yossarian said...

Jabbar, Iran has had a rather capable and diverse series of locally built UAV platforms, going all the way back to the 80's. Sloppy IRI propaganda aside, no serious potential Iranian opponent(i.e the U.S) is going to discount that fact. Unless of course, they're a glutton for punishment.

Jumping up and down and pointing your figure a some stupid "brochure" is meaningless, since it's irrelevant to the real situation at hand. That being the Iranian defense sector produces a diverse set of UAV's with many different capabilities, and continues to come out with new designs all the time.

If that makes you unhappy, so be it. Reality doesn't work that way, though. As a military commander, if you choose to ignore such capabilities out of petty spite, the next thing that happens is you have a cruise missile slamming into your ship/base/fuel depot/AAM site, that you thought was safely out of harms way.

That's a fact, jack. ;)

Anonymous said...

When will the Iranian people,not those brainwashed foreign non Iranian supporters of the IRI,learn that the Islamic terrorist theocracy is a regime of liars and con merchants?

Unknown said...

@yossarian 9:33
Welcome back general.

I didn't see anything in your comment relevant to the plagiarizing of the photo of the VTOL and presenting it as a one of a kind technology by your regime.

Unknown said...

@mark 6:06
Thanks Mark.

The issue here is exposing the regime's lies.

Fars and Mehr news agencies you mention represent the regime in Iran, directly or indirectly, and are considered state media.

I'm not even going to use Reuters and AP in the same sentence with the iranian media, because you don't see plagiarism coming from them, and when they make mistakes they issue corrections and oppologosts.

Show me one instance of correction of retraction by Iranian media. In fact this story would be a perfect opportunity for the multiple Iranian news outlets to withdraw the story and issue an oppology.

I am sorry but I can't be as forgiving as you and dismiss blatant deliberate lies as some sort of typos. Iran is held to the same standards of truth as the rest of the world. You can't carve special exemption for the the IR in order to accept the alternate reality it is trying to sell.

If the regime doesn't want to be demonized then it should stop giving us cause to do so.

Anonymous said...

In regard to your invitation for basij's retort, I noticed that the couple pupputs, like allochtonie and HaHaHaHa as well as others- emerged back.

Firstly,the ettellat is not a government newspaper.
Secondly, the sane government will not disclose its classified and newly tested achievements.
Thirdly, many millitaries in the world mask their prototypes and use deceptive futures on them to mislead aversaries.

I see that your photo portfolio is very poor, because you do not take pains to find essential ones.

For instance, there were such photos where Mr. Ahmedinejad looks at the model of that or similar VTOL during a military achivement's exhibition.
The other interesting photo, where the Supreme Leader looks at large model of newly designed submarine never reached your attention too, despite possession of "experts" and ample resources.

At the end, I have to state that you are negligent, because when someone brought to your attention facts that the photo in the September 17, 2012 article- Khamenei at Graduation..., contains incorrect description that it portrays Gen. Pourdastan -you hadn't corrected or responded.

I see that you have larger collections of puppets which are activated to attack particular person or issue. When they(you) don't have arguments then the slurs and slogans are utilized by your puppets..

Unknown said...

@anon 10:32
Sorry but you lost me at firstly.

Anonymous said...

---Besides has it not occured to some folks here on this blog that IRI isn't particurarly keen on revealing their newest creation to the adversaries?----

ah, THAT explains why Iran hasn't announced that they've perfected the LePage's Glue Gun and can now can defend against a modern air force by gluing the enemy planes together in mid-flight.!!!

pretty soon, though, the world will learn that the mighty superpower Iran has the LeKhomeini Aerial Mature Discharge Glue Spewer.

Yossarian said...

Jabbar...Or can I call you "Doc"?

Just for the record, I'm "neither" an Iranian, or a regime supporter. I'm an American born a raised, and also a veteran of the U.S Army.

I just do not like Iranian transplants like yourself, making it seem as though Iran will be military "cakewalk"...We already had enough of that bunk from your cousins a few years back. You know, the Iraqi transplants.

Unknown said...

@general yossarian 12:55
Of course you can call me "doc". No hiding behind anonymity here.

You still haven't addressed my questions and the lies being exposed here.

Btw, No where in this peice do I mention attacking Iran, or Iran's capability; only their lies.
You also don't know my personal views on whether or not we should go to war with Iran, unless you happen to be a psychic too.

So again, do you have a problem with me exposing a blatant lie by the regime? And if you don't think they are habitually lying then what's your counter argument?

Anonymous said...

@ Yossarian

I agree with your analysis about our fake "Doc" who hides behind primitive intellectual bankruptcy like CENSORSHIP and deletes any comment that questions his limited one-dimensional anti-Iran intelligence, or lack of it. It is hypocrites transplants like him who espouse FREEDOM and simply don't have the temerity to accept any criticism of their half-baked ideas. So much for the integrity of this blog which is worse than any dictatorship that can't stand the TRUTH.

I also wonder where the good "doctor" went to school since his grammar, grasp of English and intellect are very limited. It also amazing that he spends almost all his time on this blog. I have serious concern for his patients if he has any or is capable of holding down a real job.

Our "doctor" is very thin-skinned indeed and simply can't handle a rational debate or objective analysis without hiding behind CENSORSHIP.

B.M.A said...


Your article on the issue of the Iranian VTOL SHOWS CLEARLY THAT EXPOSING TE REGIME IS BECOMING REAL BUSINESS TO YOU!you pass around as someone seething with rage whenever IRAN makes something manifesting its nearness in catching up with the west in the scientific world.Though you have larboard to exhibit evidence to back up your claims;yet again have you exhibited hysteria and open bias on the regime and yet again are you exposed!!

REPLY ONE -Iran is a threatened all Military the world over ,it has in many time hidden its tested prototypes and instead shown deceptive photos,the regime in Iran has no business being truthful!!and show ALL so as to PLEASE YOU at the expense of compromising state security !.A GOOD EXAMPLE IS THE KARRAR drone that has been shown over and over representing all other prototypes Iran has unveiled[notice that whenever Iran ANNOUNCES A NEW DRONE TYPE THEY SHOW THE KARRAR be it Hazzem or liko]

WHY do you only pin down Iran on this issue of lying in military matters?-here are some of the notable cruel lies that bombarded our eyes -@laser technology=sometime in the year 2009 ,the USA announced that it would contact the Boeing company to fits laser guns in its military air crafts for the US AIR FORCE-the story goes on to show that the USA BRAGGED SHAMELESSLY THAT THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME FOR ANY NATION TO UTILIZE LASER guns in its AIR FORCE! -what followed was a Russian response !The Russians reminding the US that in fact the soviet Union had laser guns and had mastered the technology long before the 70s .This story was carried in the Ria novosti and quoted by many news outlets .@the Markeva tanks -THESE Israeli tanks were billed as the most formidable battle tanks in the world,the whole world believed this version till the shame descended on them in the battlefield in the 2006 war with Hezbollah!,and then came the fame of the ABRAMS TANKS of the USA,the Iranian made IRAMS IN IRAQ and Afghanistan proved too lethal to these tanks forcing a US defense secretary to admit in front of the SENATE that the USA has no answer to these IRANIAN IRAMS that pass through anything and promised the SENATE that pentagon was on a crash study to find an answer to these IRANIAN projectiles!.

Just as it is a crime in the literacy world to plagiarize a book or any literature it also a crime in the co-operate or industrial world to imitate or copy a brand!.HAD IRAN IMITATED OR COPIED SOMEONES BRAND,then the noise from that concerned bran owner would be loud and clear for all to hear!.

CONCLUSION-no amount of smear campaign will hide THE truth that IRAN IS MATCHING GALLANTLY towards being a technological power illuminating unto the world tolerant ISLAM!.

Nader Uskowi said...


It is the language you are using in your comments that is a language of hate. You accuse the author of hatred toward Iran because he disagrees with your politics, and you accuse him of smear campaign because he is pointing out a major inaccuracy in a report by a semi-official news agency. You do not need to resort to accusations to make your points; it would only expose the weakness of your own logic and argument. Few points on your comments:

One- News agencies or the Iranian government do not need to lie and publish a wrong picture to keep state secrets. It that was the aim here, they could have simply announced the news without any pictures. Don’t you agree that was a more professional way of handling the state secret? Unless the aim was to stage propaganda for internal use.

Two- The post is about a false report by a semi-official news agency. Why do you feel obliged to defend such reporting by going through what other world militaries have done or have not done in the past? Stay with the story. Why do you defend the reporting?

Three- Are you trying to say the picture presented was not that of a Japanese drone? Doesn’t this latest assertion contradict you own Reply One? Or is it proper to say anything to cover up a mistake?

Anonymous said...

Mark Prius: Iron Dome has an about 90% success rate. Had you bothered to check, you would have found that Iron Dome radar calculates the trajectory and Iron Dome only fires if the rocket will fall in a populated area. Thus, out of those rockets fired at poulated areas, 90% were intercepted. Now apologize!!!

Anonymous said...

This is supposedly the actual drone design, quite different from the picture presented in the newspaper:

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:58 AM

Throwing stones in glass houses, comes to mind.

B.M.A said...


Well!,WITH DUE RESPECT,i wish break down your argument so as we may criticize or agree with the points in it .it is my take that you will see clearly how a lopsided criticism and negative attitudes sometimes throws someone off balance!.

Answer ONE -MR NADER, lying ,misinformation ,denials in the military world in a common practice .i MAY AGREE WITH YOU THAT SHOWING NO PICTURES WOULD BE BETTER,BUT SIR,it is not done that way.and my hard hitting defense of the regime has nothing to do with hatred ,what disturbs many people here is the sheer zeal to point mistakes and weaknesses at the same breath totally ignoring some very important scientific achievement undertaken in IRAN.

Answer two-

propaganda is a weapon any Nation will utilize on its advantage,propaganda is a good this for any Nation at a certain junction!.BUT MY ARGUMENT HERE WAS WHY DON'T OUR DOCTOR .J.F identify the sick organs on Iranian regime body and heal it instead of being a cruel general firing randomly upon the regime.

answer three

do you hold me back from giving examples from the civilized world against IRAN?I remember JF gave comparisons on the hanging practices in IRAN,

answer four-

THE GOVERNMENT IN IRAN MAY be CRUEL,BARBARIC,but what am saying is tat hiding sensitive military information is a common practice the world over and throughout history,why should the Regime in Iran be dragged in a courtroom sentenced to death on a practice employed by all militaries in the world?.

Anonymous said...

the regime is a major cause of sickness, BLT.

it's been identified and awaits the necessary theocracyectomy

Unknown said...

@BMA et al.

I want to respond to the one semi-logical point you made about the use of photoshopping and lies as a tool to keep iranian secrets safe.

Here are a few considerations:

-The photo of the VTOL drone posted by all iranians news outlets that carried the story could have been labeled to say that it is of a "similar drone".

-Of course, the regime couldn't use such clarification because the news flash was "Iran produces the world's first VTOL drone" obviously the photo of this "first in the world" drone can't be of another "similar drone".

-There was obvious photoshopping of the photo to remove the wind turbines on top of the building in the original japanese photo, not to give a better view of the drone, but because there is no known building in Iran that has wind turbines on its rooftop.

Let's face it, this regime is pathological in its lying and has compromised the Iranian interests at every turn by destroying any trust friends and foes had in Iran.

As far as MBA's comment about wanting me to diagnose what's wrong with the regime, I wouldn't know where to start, but I would say that in my opinion, the closest analogy between this regime and disease would be "cancer".

Hey, you asked!

PS. I double checked to ensure that the grammar is up the cyber basij high standards.

Anonymous said...

When will some the daily Iran-hate ranters realize that the Islamic Republic of Iran is moving on and not about to disappear since it has wide-ranging public support. It may not be the ideal system or have been made in Langley or Whitehall, but it still is an Iranian system and most Iranians are quite content with Iran and its slowly evolving hybrid democracy based on INDEPENDENCE from foriegn domionation and national self-respect. Now get over it and look at the positive aspects of Iranian progress despite the sanctions and other western and Zionist destabilization efforts. Iran is still a G-20 economy, one of the strongest nations in the region, a defacto nuclear power and a 3000 year old multi-ethnic nation state to be proud of. Iran Payendebad.

Anonymous said...

Mark....hahahaha you appear to be a lap dog for your mullahs!

Anonymous said...

There is no way Iran will expose its military technology to the west . As the westerners have "scanners" fitted in their eyes . Even the shape of drone has many thing to do with the "stealthiness". Iran has many things to loose just by showing the original image, if any. USA and other western nations have a lot of technologies , some they can show and some they won't show. Iran can't show any of its, as there will be nothing as "secret". But if some Japanese toy drone's photo-shopped image works in the people's mind , why bother ? But it is shocking to see how some "Iranians" want the destruction of Iran in this website. Even Americans hate you , because they are civilized , you will never be. America doesn't attack Iran because of fear , but because it is a civilized nation , why do you want war and destruction of your own country then , have you no shame ? America and Iran would have been friends today if the Shah had been extradited and the current regime would not last for a year if that happened. For "Iranians" like you it never happened. go to hell and let Americans live in peace. Peace will never come to your kind.