Friday, November 16, 2012

Iran Ready to Double Enrichment – IAEA

IAEA announced today that Iran is ready to double the output at Fordo enrichment facility within days. There are currently 700 centrifuges in operation at Fordo, and the number could soon reach 1,400. There are 1,400 additional centrifuges inventoried at Fordo that will be operational in future. (Reuters/BBC, 16 November)

Meanwhile, Iran has converted more than 41 percent of the higher-enriched, 20 percent uranium it has produced at Fordo into fuel for Tehran’s research reactor.


Anonymous said...

What a shame that instead of enriching uranium in Fordo,Iran could have had the biggest car industry in the world called Fordo.

Anonymous said...

hey, they're developing nuclear-powered cars cause the government is tired of subsidizing the fuel.

you'll see, in less than 700 years, it'll all have paid for itself