Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel-Palestine Fighting Dangerously Escalating

Israeli-Palestinian fighting is rapidly and dangerously escalating with Israel striking over 250 targets in Gaza and a missile from Gaza striking Tel Aviv area. More than 250 rockets fired by Gaza militants have exploded inside Israel since the beginning of hostilities.
The Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for firing a Fajr-5 missile toward Tel Aviv that triggered warning sirens in the city for the first time since the first Gulf war 20 years ago.
Following four days of escalation on the Israeli-Palestinian border at Gaza, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense on Wednesday by targeting and assassinating Ahmad Al-Jabari, the head of Hamas’ military wing. More than 18 Palestinians have been killed and 150 wounded in Gaza in subsequent Israeli airstrikes. At least three Israelis have also been killed during the missile attack. 

CNN reported today that the IDF is now targeting Hamas weapons, storage bunkers, weapon labs and workshops.


Anonymous said...

They are as bad as each other.They need to clobber each other to justify their existence.
No doubt this is also a god send to the Syrian regimes and Islamic theocracies childish propaganda media.But fortunately wont last long enough for them to benefit from.
In the end of the day Assad regime is a goner and the Islamic regime is playing its last losing hand in poker.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is imported Zionist Cancer in Palestine that is kaput in the long run.

Anonymous said...

@ the first anon 6:16

Are you for real or a victim of advanced puberty blues and natural ignorance?

The Syrian regime of Hafez al Assad and now his son Bashar are both totally secular in nature and multi-confessional in composition. The so-called FSA terrorists, the current darlings of the west are in reality Salafi-Wahabbi fundamentalists whose ultimate goal is the destruction of the Zionist entity and liberation of Palestine-Al Qods.

Since you are totally ignorant, let me shed a glimpse of light on your intellectual depravity. The fact that Iran supports Syria has nothing to do with President Assad, but Iran's historical support of Shia-Alevi minorities from Lebanon, Syria to Iraq. Secondly, Syria was one of the few Arab nations that supported Iran during the US/Saddam imposed Jange Tahmili. Syria was the first to provide Iran with SCUD-C missiles to counter Saddam's mega arsenal in the war of the cities (you probably were not even born back then and or sucking on teats).

The most important regional geo-strategic reality is that the Baath party instituted regime of Al-Assad's has largely been supportive of western interests. It supported the US-French agenda in the 1970's PLO versus rightist Phalangist forces civil war. It suppressed the progressive Druze and leftist factions when it appeared that the Progressive PSP and its broader leftist-Palestinian coalition would win the Lebanese civil war. Through its intelligence services and its viceroy in Beirut, general Ghazi Kannan, it is widely believed that Syria was responsible for the murder of Druze leader Kemal Jumblatt. Hence his half-crazy son Walid has been vacillating between Syria and the west.

The current opposition that is being armed by the Persian Gulf puppet states, French, British, US, Saudis and Turkey are in fact fundamentalist Salafi Muslims with links to Muslim Brotherhood that is now ascendent in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan etc. It was President Hafez al Assad who suppressed them violently in Hama in 1982. So my ignorant blogger, the strategic interests of the west are incompatible with the Salafi terrorists in Syria, Iraq or the wider middle-east. The ultimate aim of these fundamentalists is anti-western and dedicated to the elimination of Zionism. The weapons supplied to the FSA terrorists will ultimately be turned on the west and the Zionists. As the old Chinese proverb: you may get what you wish.

Anonymous said...


We've been hearing about the ever-nearing demise of Assad for almost 2 years and the Islamic Republic for almost 35 years. The former will surely fall, but perhaps not at the hands of al-Qaida rebels, while there is no indication of impending doom for the Islamic Republic.

In any case, I wonder if Iran has played a role in this. Islamic Jihad does have ties with Iran, and this may serve to avert Israel's attention on Syria and their recent clashes in the Golan Heights.

Anonymous said...

8:22 PM.....Don't kid yourself,Israel is here to stay.
It's regimes like Assad's Syria and Islamic regime in Iran that have a temporary shelf life.

Anonymous said...

Nader and Mark, this conflict is a good news for the Islamic Republic and Syria.

Isn't it by your judgments?

Anonymous said...

@ anon November 15, 2012 9:39 PM

No wonder that you hasbara delusional types harp on in fear. The fact is that recent CIA/US intelligence analysis prerdicted a collapse of Israel by 2022.

The fact is that the Zionists are imported aliens to the region and will simply pack up and head for their original homes in US, Europe, Australia and Canada where they mostly originate from. There historially has never been a Jewish state or ever will be. When the heat is on the Zionists will use their western passports and head home. In the 2006 war against Hezbollah lasting 33 days only, over 2 million Jews packed up and headed home to US and Europe.

A study conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has cast doubt over Israel's long-term survival. The CIA report predicts predicts an exodus of Israelis to the U.S as increasing fundamentalism and racism amongst Ashkenazi Jews (eastern European) against Sephardic (Arab origin) Jews and blacks unravels Israel's artificial and violent society living on US taxpayer largesse and weaponry.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:44 that story about the CIA is utter drivel and if you actually tried to find such a study, you will not.

the story claiming it comes from t crazy guy named Charles Lamb and was published in Arab News.

Some of you will be familiar with the clown Lamb as his crackpot claims are featured in propaganda outlet PRESS-TV every new and again.

Anonymous said...

looks like the Zionist hasbara bloggers are spooked as Zionism heads for the trash heap of history. LOL.

Alleged CIA report predicts end of Israel by 2022, and PA ... - YouTube

Mark Pyruz said...

Anon 10:13:

War is never good news for anyone. Just to set the record straight, I'm antiwar.

Does it serve to advance the interests or policies of Iran or Syria? Perhaps in a limited way a war would take some of the heat off the Syrian regime and place it back onto Israel. And Iran's position would be enhanced somewhat by its leadership of the resistance bloc to perceived Israeli aggression.

But I think this pales in comparison to the added suffering of the people of Gaza that potentially comes with an escalation of hostilities.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:24 PM

Your typically unintellectual assessment and childish ignorant comments shows the type of bipeds the Islamist regime is breeding.
I'm well aware who and what Assad's regime regime is.After all it was his father and that crack addict Qaddafi of Libya that supported the terrorist anti Iranian Khomeini's rabble.
You can think what you like in your deranged and twisted mind full of Salafi Wahhabi and Shiite drug dealing murdering Scumbags.
The facts are Israel is here to stay and Assad's regime will die.
The Islamic terrorist scumbags occupying Iran will have their turn in due course.