Thursday, November 8, 2012

Iranian VTOL drone, first in the world--NOT

Source: Ettelaat (photo caption: successful test of world's first VTOL drone in Iran)

As previously posted on this blog, Iran had announced that it had successfully tested a VTOL drone on November 3, 2012, which is nice, but what caught my attention was that the IR of Iran and some of its defenders here claimed that this drone was the "first in the world". Below is the actual report by Mehr news on the Iranian drone, along with some information on other "firsts" VTOL drones manufactured in the USA years prior.
This piece does NOT include information on all VTOL drones (I apologize to the military buffs), but I just wanted to prove that the statement that the Iranian drone was the "first in the world" is simply "false" which I'm sure many of you find shocking.

On Nov 4th, 2012 MEHR NEWS reported (unedited complete report):

Iran manufactures VTOL drone
TEHRAN, Nov. 4 (MNA) -- Iranian experts have succeeded to build a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone which will be unveiled in the coming months.
The drone is being manufactured by researchers from the Mazandaran Science and Technology Park.
It is the first time that such a drone is being manufactured in the world. It will be unveiled during the festivities marking the 34th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in mid-winter.
“This drone which enjoys ultra-modern technology and is being built for the first time in the world will be unveiled in Bahman (Jan. 20-Feb. 18), concurrent with the ten-day dawn celebrations,” Abbas Jam, the lead researcher, told the Mehr News Agency.
The drone does not require runways at all and can take off and land vertically.
“The drone is soundless and does not need runway for take-off,” Jam added.
The drone was to be tested on Saturday at the presence of the director of the Aerospace Industry Organization and senior officials from the Passive Defense Organization. (1)

Below is info on other VTOL drones not manufactured by Iran:

Bombardier CL-327 "Guardian"

The CL-327 is an improved version of the CL-227 Sentinel VTOL UAV. The CL-327 is one of the most advanced vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) surveillance system designed for intelligence gathering today. The system's turboshaft-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operates either from land or ship and can carry a wide variety of sensors for different mission requirements. The CL-327 is designed to satisfy numerous emerging market requirements for a dependable and versatile vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV.
The Guardian offers 6.25 hours of endurance, a 105kg payload capacity, and a 200 km range. The system includes a Williams International heavy fuel engine, a digital data-link, compatibility with the CARS automatic recovery system, and the US sponsored Tactical Control Station.
The CL-327 entered production in October 1996, following the conclusion of a successful US Navy-sponsored heavy fuel propulsion program. The Guardian will be offered to worldwide customers seeking an affordable unmanned surveillance capability that can operate from all-sized navy ships and in rugged land environments which lack airstrips and infrastructure. (2,3)

2000 & 2005
RQ-8 & MQ-8   (USA)
Source:US navy (RQ-8a landing on USS Nashville)
In February 2000, the US Navy chose the RQ-8A Fire Scout as its vertical take-off and landing tactical unmanned air vehicle (VTUAV). Northrop Grumman-Ryan Aeronautical of San Diego was awarded an engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) contract for the Fire Scout, which would provide situational awareness and precision targeting support to the US Navy and Marine Corps. The Fire Scout programme is being managed by the US Navy's PMA-263 Unmanned Vehicles Program Office at Patuxent River, Maryland. In 2006, an RQ-8A landed autnmously (without a pilot controling the aircraft) aboard a moving US ship, the USS nashville (9).
In August 2005, Fire Scout was redesignated from RQ-8 to MQ-8 to reflect its multirole capability, including the ability to deploy weapons.(4)

Eagle eye-USA

January 26, 2006 Bell Helicopter’s TR918 Eagle Eye Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) lifted off the ground for the first time yesterday, hovered for nine minutes, executed yaw and translation manoeuvres and then landed safely. It then undertook a second flight within 30 minutes of the maiden flight's landing. We have previously written about the TR918 here - the Eagle Eye uses the same tiltrotor system as a number of other Bell-Boeing VTOL designs, most notably the V-22 Osprey (Bell - Boeing)and the Quad TiltRotor.(8)

Excalibur VTOL Drone-USA
Three horizontally mounted propellers help a tilting turbojet push the craft up, and are then stowed away as the jet drops into flight position.
The model tested on June 24 is only 13 feet long with a 10-foot wingspan, but Aurora hopes the successful flight test will help it secure additional Pentagon funding for a full-scale version with roughly twice the dimensions.
The final version should be able to cruise along at 460 mph, near the speed of sound, and carry four Hellfire missiles.
By comparison, the Predator maxes out at 135 mph and carries two Hellfires. The Reaper does about 300 mph, but can carry up to 14 Hellfires, or a combination of Hellfires and laser-guided bombs.(5)

Cypher II by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, USA.
Two Cypher II prototypes have been built for the US Marine Corps, which calls it the UAV “Dragon Warrior”. The Cypher II is similar in size to its predecessor, but has a pusher propeller in addition to its rotor and can be fitted with wings for long-range reconnaissance missions. In its winged configuration, the Cypher II has a range of over 185 kilometers (115 miles) and a top speed of 230 km/h (145 mph). It is unclear if the Cypher will enter into production.(6)


In conclusion, I just wanted to be the first to report that the Islamic republic of Iran, not knowing what to do with all the excess dollars, had also developed the world's first Jedi interceptor but it was unexpectedly destroyed by an American teenage Jedi. The tragic loss of the aircraft was captured in this clip:



Anonymous said...

and your meaningless point being Fazuli? Why waste so much time on cut and paste when no rational or original thoughts come through. Stick to your obsessive frustration on Iranian successes rather than comment on military

Mark Pyruz said...

Claims, counter-claims: they're always being made. The heyday of such was the U.S.-USSR cold war, where firsts were celebrated for propaganda purposes by all sides.

As far as UAVs go, its been claimed by even Western observers that Iran was the first to make tactical use of a UCAV in combat during the Iran-Iraq war.

So Iranian media reports a "first". A word to the wise: Iranian defense reporting, like most in the world--even among the U.S. MSM--usually contains errors of one kind or another.

Anonymous said...

what's this civet, JF old cat?

Anonymous said...

Mark, as usual your comment is rational and logical. Iran never claimed a monoploy on VTOL/UAV but simply stated that in the near future it will deploy this type of UAV. Miliatry technology achievements by any nation always carry an aura of hype. In any case Iranian UAV technology by any objective standard is quite advanced and only a handful of nations field such systems. Once again, thanks for your always insightful comments. You should comment more often and give this blog some adult logic and credibility.

Anonymous said...

"A word to the wise: Iranian defense reporting, like most in the world--even among the U.S. MSM--usually contains errors of one kind or another."

Sorry, there is no equivocation. Iran constantly puts out absurd and easily-disprovable claims. It's actually become a joke in the military community. The US does nothing comparable.

Also, this list is only US-made VTOL UAVs, which makes the "first-ever" boast even dumber.

Unknown said...

@mark 10:57
I appreciate your point but the fact is that the IR seems to blatently lie even when it's unnecessary. Saying that that Iran tested "its first VTOL" would have been enough and accurate.

The other point is that once lies start compiling one could question the entire story. If the IR lies about being first then they are lying about the specifications and capabilities of their acheivements.
Blatant lies are not normal or expected because they end up discrediting the source. Why do you think the nuclear investigators don't believe anything iran says anymore.

Last but not least, the farsi headlines in the newspapers (included in the title photo match the released English version of news report. There is no question that it says the "first in the world.". If you read the comments on the piece posted by Nader on nov 3 you will see that the comments included similar "first in the world" claims.

I think we have enough open source information to conclude that the iranian regime is lying about everything from torture, to the economy, to military capabilities, and probably their nuclear intentions.

Unknown said...

@anon 10:43
Sorry but my obsessions cover a wide range of topics.

Btw did I say how I hate autocorrect?

Anonymous said...

Well done Jabbar!
Haleshoon ra gerefti.

Nader Uskowi said...

And of course these types of fake claims by Iranian officials and by the country’s official media are not limited to military hardware, they encompass everything, from the rate of economic growth to inflation rate, from the volume of agricultural and industrial output of the country to expansion of petrochemical plant, and so on…

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:05 PM

Well, you have discovered that this blog has Mark and someone (you?) described that the rest of bloggers are not worthy...

I would be interested to know more about Mark, because his name is rather utilized by enemies of Iran.

I noticed that sometimes he was absent (silent) for a longer time and he has not only cordial relation with the remaining authors of this anti Iranian blog, but looks like he is one of the blog's creators.

Anonymous said...

These people claim all sorts of rubbish.
One of their false claims is that since the "revolution" people in Iran are free and the countries "independent".
And everything is 100 per cent manufactured in Iran.As you know Iran Khodrow can't produce as many cars now because of the sanctions of French parts.
So much for self reliance and independence.

Anonymous said...

Actually considering that I could only find one other example of a tandem tiltwing/quad tiltwing and that flew back in 2008 with a measly 15min endurance and 5kg payload its not surprising that the iranians overlooked it and thought they were the first to successfully fly a tandem tilt uav
Rather than focusing on headlines you`d be better off concentrating on how irans drone programs are progressing,pretty damn well from the looks of it,I`m sure theres one ex israeli air force commander who could attest to that

salah said...

I think what iraninans mean is that the technology they used in their drone is used for the first time in manufacturing a VTOL drone.

Unknown said...

Yes, that technology is called "Photoshop"