Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gaza Violence Continues

Fear of Ground War over Fajr-5

The violence in Gaza continued on Sunday, the fifth day of Operation Pillar of Defense. Ten Palestinians died in an airstrike on Sunday afternoon, bringing number of today’s fatalities to 18. The violence so far has claimed the lives 64 Palestinians, many of them civilians, and three Israelis. (BBC, 18 November)

Palestinian rockets were fired from Gaza at several Israeli towns and cities. It is feared that the IDF might want to launch a ground operation in Gaza to destroy the Fajr-5 arsenal remaining in the area. In the first five days of conflict, the Israeli Air Force
has conducted many sorties hitting Fajr-5 launchers and their underground storage bunkers. The urgency for the IDF to dismantle Fajr-5 rocket capabilities of Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza became evident on Saturday when Israel had to intercept an incoming Fajr-5 over Tel Aviv.

The Israeli campaign against Fajr-5 began on 24 October when the Israeli Air Force blew up an Iranian-operated military factory in the Sudanese capital that was producing Fajr-5 rockets. The Yamouk facility was believed to supply the 50-mile-range rockets to Hamas and other militant organizations in Gaza. Three weeks later, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense. The tactical goal of the military operation seems to be the elimination of Fajr-5 inventories in Gaza and the destruction of any suspected assembly plants producing the local version of the rocket, dubbed ‘M-75’ by Hamas. 

Meanwhile, many observers in the region believe that Israel much sooner than later needs to engage Hamas in negotiations covering a host of fundamental issues beyond the Fajr-5 as a parallel track of the broader Palestinian-Israeli negotiations. In the recent months, Hamas has successfully engaged regional powers, Egypt, Qatar and Turkey, and has followed an independent policy on Syria, independent from Iran and Hezbollah. Hamas can play as a positive and constructive role in the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


Anonymous said...

Another ass whipping of Iran's ally, with Iran unable to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...


After Israel destroys about 1,000 Hamas targets with 2,000 pound bombs, leveling them.

And after Hamas slightly damages a few dozen Israeli buildings with its pathetic Iranian rockets.

. . .

Eventually Israel will stop, having destroyed everything they wanted to destroy, and Iran will claim "victory" over Israel.

Anonymous said...

Zionist losses:

* A damaged warship (Claim)
* One Apache helicopter (Claim)
* One F-16 fighter jet (Claim)
* One Drone (Claim)
* One light tactical vehicle (confirmed)
* 8 IDF soldiers injured in the month of November (Confirmed)

Anonymous said...

In reality the US deadbeat taxpayer funded "Iran Dome" has been a TOTAL FAILURE considering the small number of very primitive rockets fired by Hamas. It also vindicates Iran and Hezbollah's strategy that the Zionist regime will crumble when confronted by hundreds or thousands of rockets fired in volleys.

Hamas is defending itself from most densely population urban area of small surrounded and imprisoned Gaza, while Iran and Hezbollah will be fighting from large, well defended and mountaineous regions with well fortified and mobile rocket and artilerry position backed up by SAMS and AD systems.

The cowardly Zionist slaughter of defenceless civilians in Gaza has once agian showed how low the Zionist military has sunk that in one week of David versus Goliath contest it simply failed to subdue a small number of primitive rocket sites, even with 24/7 drone surveillance. What happened to the Zionist military that defeated the combined Arab armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria in 6 days in June 1967?

The total number of Hamas fighters is barely a couple of thousand armed with Ak's, RPGs and few Sagger (RAAD ATGM). It is laughable how cowardly the Zionist military is, despite being armed to the teeth with 21st century weapons against a defenceless civilian population. Zionists have no chance against Iran or Hezbollah. It has also once again showed the disunity and treachery of Arabs.

It also proves beyond doubt that the Zionists never had the courage, will or the capability to take on either Iran or Hezbollah directly, hence their eagerness to goad the bankrupt US into a swan song quagmire while the deadbeat US economy heads for another recession/depression.. This slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza will end in the usual stalemate and more radicalization and destabilization of the Arab street.

It is definately a zero-sum outcome for Zionism and is revealing display of their cowardice and hysteria as a single primitive rocked can paralyze the hovel of Tel-Aviv.

Mark Pyruz said...

Much is made of Palestine's use of a few larger caliber artillery rockets possibly of Iranian origin--the Iranians deny it--but pretty much nowhere in the MSM are Israeli PGMs identified or discussed.

It's as if the few Palestinian large diameter rockets are an illegitimate response to attack, while the Israeli PGMs are a legitimate means of strike.

Anonymous said...

Mark, the Zionists have the most advanced weapons technology in the region, all thanks to the deadbeat US taxpayer. The Palestinians are more lightly armed than most of the world's police forces. They do not even have a single APC let alone precision guided munitions that the Zionist scum are using on women and children indiscriminately.

The only reason the Zionists are afraid of a land invasion is their aversion to street fighting which at close quarters negates the high-tech advantage and causes high casualties. A determined foe, even armed with light weapons and Molotov cocktains can inflict painful lessons on the invader, fighting from rubble and tunnels.

Khorramshahr, Hue and Stalingrad or even Faluja are good examples of the heavy cost of street fighting. Whatever, the weakness of Hamas, they are no cowards and proved in 2008 that they will fight to the bitter end if attacked. They have no choice and this time perhaps some Jihadis will get through Rafah.

mat said...

It won't be any surprised even if the 'God's most damned nation' of the Zionist Regime of Israel have completely succeeded in taking out the whole nation of Gaza Strip which is officially ranked, the weakest adversary in the region. Instead, it is not that strong when it comes to the powerful Hezbollah Army of Lebanon, and not to mention the mighty Islamic Republc of IRAN. The truth will always prevail.

B.M.A said...


FACT ONE -no one in the whole world claims that the bombed factory in SUDAN WAS IRAN'S !!.

FACT TWO- it is only claimed so by ISRAEL.and IRAN has not officially issued a statement to support these claims.

FACT THREE-NO Palestine group can win the hearts of ISRAEL through engaging regional countries!.History is witness to show how ISRAEL shortchanges the Palestinians even after sighing binding agreements.

FACT FOUR-the only remedy is for Palestine to arm themselves proper!.Here am not advocating war, but ISRAEL MIGHT BE FORCED TO LISTEN TO THE PALESTINIANS IF IT SEES A REAL THREAT FROM THEM.

FACT FIVE-How can Hamas skip IRAN!,yet no gulf Nation has invest so heavily in humanitarian projects than IRAN!.

Anonymous said...

mat..."Gods most damned nation"

Unfortunately mat,Gods most damned nation as you claimed is not Israel but Iran because of the terrorist leadership by the corrupt and murderous mullah regime occupying our nation.

Anonymous said...

why do not thr hezbolla army attack they 1 million times better then the zionist peoples army is hezbolla cowards

Anonymous said...

Nothing will save zionists, who like South Africa whites were armed with most sophisticated systems and weapons.

The zionist will be outnumbered the same way like the SA's whites in the past.

It will be matter of time when the us will be broken or unwilling to support zionist's stooges like Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Jordan and other lackeys.