Monday, November 26, 2012

Iraq and Kurdistan Reach Agreement to Defuse Tensions

Iraqi and Kurdish security officials have reached an agreement to defuse tension between the central government and the self-ruled autonomous Kurdistan over disputed areas.

Col. Dhia al-Wakeel, the Iraqi Army spokesman, told reporters today that both sides would look for ways to withdraw the reinforcements sent to the disputed region during the recent crisis. (AP, 26 November)


Anonymous said...

Just for now till the Iraqi army rearms and gets the Abrams M1 and F-16. They are also getting $5 Billion worth of Russian attack helos and armor, and then it is on to Arbil. Turkey hammering from the North and Iraqis rolling in from the South and Iran will breakout the popcorn and watch. LOL.

Anonymous said...

iraq already has 150 m1 abrams

Anonymous said...

It is time to use them on the Kurds then!