Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Iranian Blogger Dies in Custody

Iranian blogger and Facebook activist Sattar Beheshti is reported dead in custody. Beheshti, 35, was taken into custody accused of opposition activism on Facebook. His family said today that they have received phone calls from the prison authorities asking them to collect Beheshti's dead body from the notorious Kahrizak detention center. They fear he has died under torture.

Iran’s popular news site Tabak said Beheshti was arrested by Fata (cyber police) and has died while being interrogated.

Sahamnews, a website close to the opposition leader, Mehdi Karroubi, also said Beheshti had died "under torture" during an interrogation session with security officials.
Before his arrest, Beheshti wrote in his blog: “They threatened me yesterday that my mother would wear black because I don't shut my mouth.”


Unknown said...

They're killing the brightest and bravest among us. What a shame!

To the few cyber basij who keep asking me to come and blog from within Iran, to be worthy, do you still make the same recommendation for me and others to come back to Iran and join the discourse from within?!

Anonymous said...

Another loud mouth Iranian dead. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:23 PM

The only loud mouth is you and that shameless filthy regime that pays cyber basij like you to chat their BS on blog sites.
Shameless mozdor!

Unknown said...

@anon 8:23
Thanks for this. I finally realized that you are the same anon who makes outlandish anti-Iranian racist remarks to get us all going. Nice work!
I'm humbled that it took me so long to figure you out.

Doc Strangelove said...

"In the world there is only one virtue, knowledge, only one sin, ignorance."
Molana Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Balkhi/Roumi (Molavi) 1207-1273

RIP Sattar Beheshti.

Anonymous said...

There's no conclusive evidence of torture, much less proof that torture would be the cause of death. He has probably been interrogated heavily and, sometimes it happens, but very rarely, that the person in question collapses suddenly, because he/she was under intense mental pressure and felt extreme angst, frightness or sadness for a long period of time, and it can be fatal if treatment doesn't commence quickly. In medical terms it's called a "broken heart". I'm not saying that this is the cause of his demise, but that's a possible event.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25 ---- I weep for a soul who rejects the stunningly obvious in favor of the mystical and absurd.

Unknown said...

@Dr. Anon 10:25
Aside from the fact that this blogger's detention and impressment is unlawful and parallels the politically motivated impressment of many of the 1979 leaders that you now worship, the broken heart syndrome defense you offer is inapplicable.

Stress cardiomyopathy (broken heart syndrome) is applied to those who suddenly lose loved ones and fall ill. it mimics a heart attack and so it stands to reason that such persons would die in the hospital and not in prison.

It is more probable to get tortured in Iranian prisons than to have a broken heart.

For every brave man and women we read about dying in Iranian prisons there are 100s that go unnoticed, but rest assured that they all matter to all of us, and there will be a day of reckoning.

Nina4U said...

The Iranian goverment needs to be crushed and people freed from this opression.The goverment has killed so many brave and innocent people and opressed the people for a long time ..Its time for a new revolution to take down the goverment and give power to the people . How can facebook be a crime ... how can a thought or opinion be a crime ... And how can anybody in the name of the goverment arrest ..torture ..rape and kill innocent people without trile ? Iran is a country from Hell ... I admire all u brave men and women in iran that is online and tell the world the truth .. to post videos of how police beat up and murder people in the streets... I am sorry u live in such unhuman nation..

Anonymous said...

You can't con god with hate and lies like this Islamic regime thinks it can.
The leadership and supporters of this barbaric regime are going one direction only and that is towards the direction of Hell,with no possibility of ever returning.