Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Not a Lost Cause - A Perspective on Gaza Conflict

"It is now clear that the Iranian conventional threat is smaller than what people thought. The Israeli offensive may have occurred in Gaza – but in Tehran, they are breaking their heads at the moment on finding a solution to the new reality.
An Israeli perspective by Eli Avidar (Ma’ariv)
Translated by Viktoria Lymar (IranEdge)

Republished with permission from IranEdge.com
Photo credit: Rafael/Ma’ariv/IranEdge


Mark Pyruz said...

Nader, I find these translated Israeli articles full of flaws and contradictions.

I'm still piecing together data from the recent Gaza conflict, but so far I suspect the following:

1) The Israelis were surprised by the fielding of 333 mm rockets by Palestine.

2) They were also surprised by the reach of the strikes, on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

3) These surprises gave the IDF pause on initiating a ground campaign, lest they be surprised by ATGMs being fielded by Palestinian defenders in Gaza.

4) The Israelis were concerned about potential resupply of rocket artillery types into Gaza with the continuation of the conflict.

What needs to be kept in mind with these Arab resistance rocket artillery campaigns against Israel (and by extension, potential Iranian) is the goal of the campaign: where Israel is vulnerable is its economy. Keep the populace of Israel hunkered down for periods of time and the economy grinds to a halt, commercial debts aren't able to be repaid, etc.

Honestly, I don't know what you see in these Israeli pieces, they don't seem to be reality-based. This one in particular is so full of false triumphalism.

Anonymous said...

More scared Zionist fantasy articles written by hasabara paid imbeciles to shore up fleeting Zionist morale as their position in the region deteriorates. ZIONISM IS ON STOLEN LAND AND ON BORROWED TIME. Gaza is the harbinger of things to come.

Nader Uskowi said...


Of course there are different perspectives on the outcome of Gaza conflict. Generally, the perspective from Gaza is that Hamas was the clear winner, a belief that is also widely embraced in Iran. I believe Hamas has won in many aspects, which I will note below, but they have not won militarily. They are declaring victory for the wrong reasons, not the right reasons.

Hamas and other Palestinian groups fired more than 1,500 rockets into Israel during the eight days of conflict, damaging some buildings and killing a soldier and five civilians. This is of course significant for the part of population that was directly affected, but was not a military victory. It showed again that Hamas and other groups could frighten and inconvenience Israelis, but that’s a far cry from a victory. If the Iranians were counting on Hamas rockets as deterrent to an Israeli attack, they better reconsider their strategy.

Hamas won, however, by showing to the Gazans that it is ready to fight for their territorial integrity and their sense of nationhood against Israeli attacks, as compared to inactions and corruption of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. They now have the chance to win the leadership of the whole Palestine. By the way, this also shows Netanyahu’s serious problems with the use of force: it strengthens politically, not weaken, the most radical elements in the population.

It’s good and humbling to read all perspectives.

Anonymous said...

The old 'iron wall' strategy is beginning to fail Israel

Last week's Gaza events showed otherwise. Israel's firepower not only failed to cow Hamas, but revealed itself once again as a strategy of diminishing returns in a region renewing itself after a long period of authoritarian decline.

The new regional preeminence of the Muslim Brotherhood, moreover, has made nonsense of US-Israeli hopes of isolating Hamas - on the contrary, the movement now enjoys a supportive relationship with such key regional US allies as Egypt, Turkey and Qatar. Israel has effectively been forced to negotiate with it. Two decades of US monopolisation of the peace process can no longer even manage, let alone resolve the conflict. Israel may have hoped its Gaza operation would demonstrate a willingness to use "iron wall" tactics despite the unfavourable regional environment. But its outcome demonstrates that while the serious regional players see no benefit in going to war with Israel, they are also not prepared to tolerate Palestinian humiliation as the price of Israel's security.

The "iron wall" has failed to deliver the promised Palestinian surrender, instead leaving Israel increasingly isolated. The playbook of 1923 may have little to offer Israelis, or their neighbours, today.

Read more: http://www.thenational.ae/thenationalconversation/comment/the-old-iron-wall-strategy-is-beginning-to-fail-israel#ixzz2DUFC46yE

Anonymous said...

Will Iran keep getting Gazans killed or will they spill their own blood helping the Gazans???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:41 AM. Iran is not getting occupied Palestinian people killed. The responsibility for that is with those who conduct the illegal occupation, siege and regular attacks on them. The zionist regime. Iran is not occupying the Palestinian people.

Anonymous said...

Intercepting ~30% of incoming dumb rockets from Gaza is nothing to celebrate.

How will they deal with highly maneuverable missiles - which Hezbollah has in abundance?

I know the Zionist fan-boys here will be out in force claiming otherwise but facts is, the Zionists's theater of operation in the region is shrinking fast almost every year.

Gone are the days when they could just invade and occupy someone else's land and claim it as their own.

As stated by someone on this forum, this article is just another "feel-good" hasbara hit piece, attempting to raise the morale of the ever loosing Zionist occupier.

Things have become so bad that they don't even mention their exact goal/aims when fighting wars anymore.The recent one was to "sort of" stop rockets from flying into hell-aviv. They failed!!!

It gets even better..One Iron done missile costs about 50K USD a pop - a great way to bankrupt ones economy but whaddya know?? The dumb Americans whose misplaced priority is to protect a tiny racist/murdering regime that has implanted itself in the region, will foot the bill. They call it shared interest. Much to the detriment of the average American that can't afford basic needs.

Things have gotten so bad that now the Zionist define their military victories by the number of babies/children they kill in each war..How brave!!!

Anonymous said...

Nader ,
if you want to show all perspectives why not share some Al-Qaeeda pieces as well.
after all : "It’s good and humbling to read all perspectives."