Tuesday, November 20, 2012

IDF Strikes Gaza; Rocket Explosion Kills Two Israelis

Reports of an imminent ceasefire proved to have been overly optimistic Tuesday night, Times of Israel said. The IDF continued intense strikes in Gaza targeting Hamas. Meanwhile a Palestinian Fajr-5 rocket killed an Israeli soldier and a civilian in Rishon Lezion, bringing the number of Israelis killed by rocket attacks to five. Nearly 140 Palestinians have also lost their lives as the result of Israeli airstrikes.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Israel tonight on the first leg of her Middle East visit that will also take her to Ramallah and Cairo. Clinton called for “just and lasting peace” in a joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Earlier today the Egyptian and Hamas leaders had predicted a ceasefire on Tuesday. The diplomats, including Secretary Clinton, will be busy attempting to arrange the ceasefire on Wednesday. 


Anonymous said...

As predicted by adults on this blog and elsewhere, the Zionist gambit in Gaza has failed miserably and only strengthened Hamas, Egypt, Iran and even Syria.

Nothing Yahoo once again misjudged the changed regional geo-strategic environment and also over-estimated the capacity of the Zionist military which is suffering from low morale since clobbering by Hezbollah in 2006 and Hamas in 2008. Street fighting and taking casualties in not the forte of the civilian murdering Zionists.

This mini-war will be a great intelligence bonanza for Iran as it clearly showed the weakness in the Iron Dome, particularly against flat trajectory projectiles as artillery as the 122mm D-30 artillery which Iran manufactures in the thousands. This low trajectory weapon, especially with base bleed enhanced range has no defence, is mobile and can easily be transported in knock dowm form even in hostile terrain. D-30 and similar artillery systems in the regional inventories are also very low maintenance and ideal for urban defence or street fighting.

Hamas as done a superb job in keeping its military strength dispersed and hidden, barely taking any casualties. The Zionist cowards as usual has killed civilians in mass bombing by F-16s on civilian infrastructure.

Multiple rocket warheads will now be the focus for Iranian military R&D as every aspect of Iron Dome is scrutinized and its weaknesses exploited.

Hamas has come out the real winner, not only it survived the Zionist genocide, but its military wing came out stronger, battle hardened and more confident. In the Arab street its dignified and low-boast resolve has gained many admirers. It followed the Hezbollah model of action rather than hollow rhetoric which was the usual staple of Arab armies. Despite the most intense Zionist air campaign in the most densley populated urban gulag of Gaza, Hamas rocket men are still firing and keeping the Zionist cowards in hysterics.

In reality, this is a strategic disaster for Zionists as it further erodes their military deterrance and projects Hamas as underdog heroes. Another serious Zionist miscalculation that will not go unnoticed in Tehran, Lebanon, Syria and the wider region which respects resistance and strength against the Zionists.

Nothing Yahoo may lose politically as well as the futility of this conflict becomes clearer to the Zionist masses which have been shreiking hyterically under the so-called 2 billion dollar US deadbeat taxpayer funded Iron-Dome.

All kudos to Hamas for courage under fire from the most savage and best armed military in the region. There will be the usual ceasefire soon and Zionist post-mortem for such stupidity. Hamas will now rearm and will surely receive more support in the wider Arab and Muslim street. Even the Europeans are now tiring of Zionist brutality and cowardice.

Anonymous said...

If Hamas's military prowess surprised the Israelis, then its upgraded rocket capability is an even bigger surprise and carries ramifications that do not favor Israel in terms of the regional balance of power. Despite having an "iron dome" shield to intercept, according to reports, roughly 60% of incoming rockets, Israel is today exhibiting an unprecedented vulnerability that is a far cry from the "invincible" Israel proclaimed by its politicians.

Perhaps what Israel needs more than anything else is a post-Zionist enlightened leadership that is not self-imprisoned in the arcane 19th century expansionist ideology and is instead more in tune with the requirements of survival in the contemporary context of globalization and regionalization. That would mean less arrogance and delusion of military superiority, [2] and an admission of vulnerability that can, in turn, create the hitherto absent impetus for understanding and sympathizing with the suffering of the Palestinian "other", who is for now the candidate for mere oppression.


Anonymous said...

Another Zionist misadventure and senseless slaughter of Palestinians women and children. Hamas rockets keep raining. Iron Dome is more like Iron Dumb. Wonder what Iran and Hezbollah can accomplish with their mega-rocket arsenals. Total failure of Zionist aggression.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:07 --- that has very amusing, particularly the part about Hamas keeping it's might hidden.

of course, Hamas also kept most of their butts hidden.

and it's of course a great victory for Hamas to stay hidden after inviting Israeli attack by shooting off their mighty rockets.

they achieved a great victory by taunting the Israelis and only getting less than 100 Gazan civilians killed.

the last time, it was 800.

this is great strategy as hamas has once again successfully hidden and left only the Gazan women and children to die.

a great victory!!!

for cowards everywhere...