Saturday, November 3, 2012

Iran to Unveil VTOL Drone

Iran announced it has produced a vertical takeoff and landing drone. The VTOL drone will go under a final test today and unveiled during the 10-Day Dawn celebrations, marking the anniversary of the Islamic revolution, which begin on 31 January. (Mehr News Agency, 3 November)

Iran unveiled its first drone, Karrar, in August 2010, and last September unveiled Shahed 129, capable of 24-hour nonstop combat and reconnaissance missions.


B.M.A said...


What an achievement!the false prophets of doom who keep on consoling themselves that IRAN is a THIRD RATE MILITARY will have difficult sleeps ,day after ANOTHER as IRAN KEEPS SILENCING all IN A VERY NOBLE METHOD-that is breaking new ground in the mind boggling scientific world!!.BUT BECAUSE PREJUDICE IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL DISEASE,the World wont learn much about this IRANIAN VENTURE-even our own FAZZELI WISHES THE HEADING TO read "ISRAEL on the place of IRAN!!!!.

Anonymous said...

The iranian military is now in possesion of the best aircraft/drone techonolgy available, on par with the U.S., since they brilliantly managed to capture and land the "stealth" drone that was on a spy mission mid-air over the Iran-Afghan border! It was absolutely inconceivable for this kind of thing to happen, and U.S. Experts said it could not be done to any of their top three aircraft. Iran will in the near future be among the big players of high-tech drone manufacturing.

Anonymous said...

Trust me it wont be a Harrier Jump Jet!
It will be a small craft that you can buy as knock down kits or self build from scratch from any well stocked radio control suppliers.
I have built a few myself with camera attached to remote controlled vehicle.
Mountains out of mole hills comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Vivid fantasy man (11:07) is at it again.

mat said...

Iranian experts have succeeded in producing the world’s first vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone. One of the experts says this Iranian drone enjoys ultra-advanced technology and has been manufactured for the first time in the world.

According to a European intelligence source, IRAN shocked Western intelligence agencies in a previously unreported incident that took place sometime in the past two years, when it managed to “blind” a CIA spy satellite by “aiming a laser burst quite accurately.” Several european intelligence sources claim IRAN is in possession of satellite jamming technology.

On 4 December 2011, an American Lockheed Martin, the world's most advanced, RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was captured by Iranian forces near the city of Kashmar in northeastern Iran. The Iranian government announced that the UAV was brought down by its Cyber warfare unit which commandeered the aircraft and safely landed it with minimal damage.

*Those ignorants out there will not believe it when it comes to IRAN. We shall see IRAN's in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46 PM

We shall see who is the "vivid fantasy man".
You that sit behind the computer and has wet dreams of Iran as a super power or me that has built remote controlled flying vehicles for twenty years and spots BS a mile away.

Anonymous said...

Mickey mouse mat,how could it be that Iran has produced "the worlds first VTOL Drone" when already a number have been built by US companies a number of years ago?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:32 PM

The ones you've built for twenty years are toys compared to the Iranian counterparts. For instance, this VTOL drone, like other Iranian drones, is capable of longer flight times, higher altitudes, and greater equipment payloads. You are only fooling yourself if you think your little RC toys can match the capabilities of the Iranian counterparts.

Note: I'm not the same Anon as Anon 12:46 PM.