Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gaza Rockets

Source: Reuters/JPost, 19 November 2012
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Mark Pyruz said...

Missing from the chart is the conventional specification for these types of rocket artillery:

Fajr-5: 333 mm
WS-1E: 122 mm
Grad: 122 mm

Anonymous said...

this fajr things are better katjushas, after 70 km , they have no power more, hence they can intercepted easy by radar and airdefence guns.
however fajr 5 has a special model with 2 stage rockets which reachs 190 km

Anonymous said...

Fajr Artillery rockets

Fajr-1 107mm year 1987
Fajr-2 = 240mm
Fajr-3 240mm , 43 km range
Fajr-5 = 333mm 70km range
The most interesting version should be the 2 stage fajr-5 190km range