Thursday, November 1, 2012

Israeli Air Drills in Greece – Asr-e Iran

Asr-e Iran, an Iranian news site, reported today that the Israeli air force is conducting air exercises in Greece to mimic an attack on Iran. 10 Israeli F-16s have repeatedly flown the 350-km distance between Athens and Larissa during day and night and conducted air raid exercises. (Asr-e Iran, 1 November)


Mark Pyruz said...

The IDF/AF does this from time to time.

B.M.A said...


either this is a routine undertaking by the IDF in EU countries to keep its army to be able to handle various challenges,it is too much to guess that they are doing it for an IRAN mission. THIS WHOLE STORY WAR ON IRAN IS JUST BUT POLITICAL BLUFF.IT IS IMPRACTICAL!they have come to the painful conclusion that IRAN IS A NO GO AREA.WITH ITS OWN DEFENSIVE AND OFFENSIVE TOOLS,no one is willing to risk such a mission.this is what will definitely happen if the mission fails

ONE-the breakup of the EU!when NATO suffers defeat after defeat in the battlefield as a result of IRAN neutralizing its firepower!,Member States will back off in the mile of war creating confusion that will result to the breakup of the morally and financially EU.

TWO- OF COARSE a u.s.a will threaten to use its feared arsenal of nukes !!but this time around the world is enlightened and no one will allow it.seeing humiliation after humiliation on the hands of the spiritually charged IRANIAN mujaheeden !,THIS WILL RESULT TO THE ULTIMATE BREAK UP OF THE usa![no more drone terror on peasant women and men somewhere in the world] and SO then IRAN WILL TAKE ITS POSITION ,A PEACEFUL DOMINANT POWER ILLUMINATING UNTO THE WORLD THE FRUITS OF TOLERANT ISLAM!!.

mat said...

Air drills or exercises don't really make the whole Zionist Regime of Israel Defense Force better or stronger than that of a regional superpower, the mighty Islamic Republic of IRAN's military power, might and capabilities. For Israel, 'beating the empty drums of war', is the best and most secure thing ever to do. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I just with the Israelis will be stupid enough to attack Iran..

At least that will give Iran the pretext they've been waiting for to finish off the Zionist retards in occupied Palestine..

And I also hope Romney wins because he'll make this dream come true.Both him and Bibi will be blessing from God to Iran.

Anonymous said...

anyone stupid enough to think that Iran wouldn't be defeated, if not destroyed, in a full-out war with the Israelis is a fool, Anon 4:12.

and, speaking of fools, BMA, Iran wouldn't last a month against NATO before every military base in Iran was destroyed and the survivors scattered.

iran is a third-rate military power and can not defend its territory from aerial assault.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:40

Irael alone is definitely not capable of defeating and/or destroying the large Iranian military or its industrial complexes. It's simply not feasable, in other words, it cannot be done. As a matter of fact, had the two countries bordered each other, then all of Israel would have been occupied.

I bet the Iranian Air Defence has enough capabilites to deter and is able to detect and fend off an airstrike. They took over the controls of a modern stealth drone of the US air force. Experts said that it would be impossible for it to happen to a high tech aircraft, yet it was done. Show me any other "third-rate military power" who can accomplish such a thing. The Iranian military is more sophisticated and advanced than you think.

Anonymous said...

Anon November 2, 2012 6:40 PM

Iran lasted 8 years against pretty much the entire Arab world backed by many western countries and under arms/economic embargo during the Iran-Iraq war.

The Israelis had to literally pressure the US to broker a ceasefire in Lebanon 2006 as they couldn't take the heat from Hezbollah.

Believe me, man, war with Iran won't be another fancy 6-day war that you guys brag about but keep fighting the consequences till this day.

The Zionists retards occupying Palestine will regret making enemies out of the great Iranian nation.

So let the Zionist toy around with their threats and I'll say again, I really hope they carry out their threat of striking Iran - all bets will be off.

Iran's saved them many times in history, the recent one being during Nazi Germany where Jews and other minorities were persecuted. And it is Iran that will put them back where they belong should they make a stupid move.

Let them be warned!!!

mat said...

Israel, the best drummer in the whole region of the Middle East when it comes to the huge IRAN.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:57--- you REALLY don't understand or have any factual information. Israel's air force, in a real war with Iran, would batter the country.

It's not at all like the Iraqi air force was. Israel's pilots are far better trained than those of Iraq (or of Iran) and the Israeli air force has hundreds of F15s, not like the Iraqis dozens of MIG-23s and TU-22s augmented by old junk.

Israel alone certainly can not take over Iran, but Israel alone can flatten it's large structures.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:43 AM

Israel alone certainly can not take over Iran, but Israel alone can flatten it's large structures.

Likewise, Iran alone certainly can not take over Israel, but Iran alone can flatten its large structures with hundreds of ballistic missiles. That goes both ways.

Anonymous said...

no, the battering of Iran would be far worse as the IAF would be able to drop tens of thousands of bombs, each with as much explosive power as those hundreds of ballistic missile payloads, that Iran could launch.

Israel could keep up the bombing long after Iran would no longer be able to launch missiles.

Anonymous said...

Look what isreal did hozballah they destroyed that party of God in 2006,Iran might be a little more work,but with little help from USA,UK,& few other great nations we can destroy a few Arabs running around with flip flops & swords.The good guys always win in the end anyway

Anonymous said...

When isreal & UN attack Iran,its going to be the same results as all other take downs,Saddam in Iraq,Omar kadfif Egypt,Bin laden Pakistan,hozaballah(party of God)2006,Hamas & many more, all destroyed & set back financial for many years.The difference is the Arabs operate on Hate & when the dust settles half there country is demolished.Israel & west operate on skill & many year's of training satellites in space are used coordinates well plan attacks.Because God always helps the good guys,results always show it war after war.

Anonymous said...

I like Iran's fake fighter jet maybe they can use that in the attack

Anonymous said...

What about Iran's fake fighter jet they displayed on world news,are they gonna use that in there mighty military