Sunday, November 18, 2012

CNN's Anderson Cooper close call--Gaza


Anonymous said...

More gay attention seeking behavior and usual CNN sensationalism. Zionists will never bomb their own proteges.

Unknown said...

I hate to be the first to tell you that but bombs don't discriminate, and they don't share your prejudice.

Gifted one said...

Bombs don't discriminate? Are you serious? Do you even know the death toll of Palestinian civilians in the last 24hrs? You think anderson Cooper is as much at risk as the average 10 month old Gazan child?
Uskowi wants us to believe this is about Fajr 5 and Sudan, etc, guess we've got to blame the evil Iranians somehow, why then did the Israelis bombard Gaza just before Obama commenced his first term? Because you don't see a pattern doesn't mean there isn't one.

Anonymous said...

Islamic regime provided the Fajr 5 missiles to Hamas,so that when needed Islamic regime could stir trouble through their proxies.
This conflict was created to deflect the attention away from what's going on in Syria.
Question to that so called "Gifted one" Do you even know how many Syrian civilians the fascist Assad regime has murdered in the past year?
I'll make your life easy,over 30,000 civilians and counting.
And people like you have seem to have conveniently forgotten that just a few months ago Assad's regime cold bloodily murdered over 100 Syrian children in some village in Syria,which the whole world saw.
But of course those views don't suit your anti Zionist propaganda nonsense sponsored by that anti human regime that is occupying Iran at the present moment.
No it isn't "the evil Iranians" but the evil Islamic fascist theocracy that is occupying the Iranian nation that is partly to blame for the troubles in those countries.

Gifted one said...

Israel bombing Gaza has to do with Syria?

Israel needs Syria as an excuse to bomb Palestinians?

And if you oppose the slaughter of Palestinians then you must be pro-Assad?

These misdirections are so obvious, and ridiculous, that they do not even deserve a reply. It does say a lot that the moderator allows such rubbish to be posted though.

Anonymous said...

Hey, "Gifted one" don't try to change the subject with your rubbish!
It's the Islamic terrorist regimes agenda to divert attention away from whats happening in Syria.
The agenda is very clear in that the Islamist rapist theocracy is creating diversions both on the ground and in the media.
Over thirty thousand Syrians have been killed by Assad's forces of which the greater majority were women and children.
If you think that is not worthy to mention,then we know where your agenda lies.

Anonymous said...

It will be a very bad situation for Israel, if the Jihadis take power in Syria. Assad is secular and has signaled a willingness to make concessions to his people and allow more freedom of expression, and might deliver on eventual promises on higher standard of living for the population amongst other things. Assad also has done what has been neccessary to keep a state of harmony between his nation and Israel, by acting on his part of the deal when it comes to keeping the peace, calm and stability in and around the disputed and occupied territories, the Goland heights.

You can hardly except any of that from the Islamist extremists who are fighting to gain prominence in Syria. They will cause trouble and deepen the rifts with Israel and shatter the long-term security.

We will witness a flare up of violence between the two countries not long after a take over by the mercenary Jihadis, without a doubt.

These terrorists have an absolute immense hatred for the jews, beyond your wildest imagination. In their mind -- one step at a time, first things first, bide your time...

Anonymous said...


What the hell has Iran done to start this conflict? It began when Israel broke the cease fire by killing a Hamas leader.

>Over thirty thousand Syrians have been killed by Assad's forces of which the greater majority were women and children

Of the 35,000 killed thus far in Syria, over half of them have been Syrian army men and FSA fighters, and don't try to pretend that the thousands of civilians killed all met their fates at the hands of Assad's men; the FSA have been caught red handed in multiple massacres.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:35 PM

It's not what Iran has done but the Islamic regime that is occupying it which has armed their fellow terrorists in Gaza as well as Lebanon.

As far as is concerned the FSA and Assad's regime are all terrorists and Iran is occupied by brother terrorists.

Iranian people have enough troubles of their own without them being press ganged by some fascist Islamist fanatical gangsters for their twisted and cult ridden agenda.

The Islamist Shiite regime or the FSA,Hamas,Hezbollah are just different branches from the same rotten tree.

Anonymous said...

gifted one--- please enlighten us many ten month old children are in Gaza and how many were targeted?

Unknown said...

@gifted one 4:32

If you saw the clip you must have seen that Anderson cooper was actually reporting on dead gaza children that you claim to be so concerned about.

If you truly cared, you would see that anderson cooper's misfortune in Gaza brought publicity to the dangers experienced by Gazans, and the story of children death got more coverage as a result of this clip.

November 20, 2012 7:53 PM