Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Iran Navy vessel launches and shipbuilding at Bandar Abbas

SRNX "Tondar" hovercraft (modified SR.N6)

SRNX "Tondar" hovercraft, rear section

SRNX "Tondar" hovercraft, frontal section

SRNX "Tondar" hovercraft mfg. markings

BH.7 Mk5 hovercraft, presumed reconditioned

Ghadir class midget submarine variants

Coastal patrol vessel types

Background: IRINS Alborz (72)(ex-Zaal) alongside sister-ship frigate

IRINS Sahand (Mowj-5 build) frigate and Sina-7 build missile boat under construction

Left to right: Rear Admiral Sayyari and commodores of the Iran Navy 

Photos: Majid Jamshidi and Ebrahim Noroozi at Fars News Agency 
IRINN frame captures by nelsa at IMF


Anonymous said...

This is amazing, soon we will be able to take control of all the waters within 5000km of Iran's borders. No other nations can compete with this navy!
Our navy will shoot down all spy craft from 3000km!!!

Anonymous said...

Please keep your lousy attempts to sarcasm to yourself, if you don't have anything meaningful to say it is better to don't speak at all.

Anonymous said...

Iranians are among the dumbest engineers on the planet.

1. Iranians designed missiles can't hit large cities, because competent engineers can design missiles that not only could hit large cities but could hit the pathetic Iranian missiles.

2. These ships are copies of western designed ships inherited by Iran 30 years ago. Even when copying Iranians can't building more than 1 every five years or so. At least when the Chinese copy they mass produce!

Anonymous said...

How come we cannot get the price of oil to go upwards anymore?

reader said...

To anon @ 1:14 pm
You may belittle the regime but please do not belittle the achievement of Iranian engineers.

Anonymous said...

The subs are not copy of western design ships. Iranian engineering students are some of the best in the world, either educated inside Iran or outside or in some cases both. Iranian Technical literature and papers are mostly welcomed and respected among their peers around the world. Iranian engineers are doing great considering the nature of the government, outside pressures and economic sanctions. In addition Iranian engineers outside the country are doing great work, reach very high technical and managerial positions from Research and development to Aerospace and other engineering fields. One thing Iran has no problem with no matter who is in charge are their talent in engineering!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:23 PM. "One thing Iran has no problem with no matter who is in charge are their talent in engineering!". Exactly.

Anonymous 1:14 PM. The only dumb thing here, is your comment. Of course Iran builds copies of western ships (in addition to its own). Iranian defence industries have to start from somewhere and the most logical place is from the armaments that Iran has imported. It is necessary for a country to maintain and build on what it already has, before it can build more advanced products of its own design.

Engineering is a profession that many people aspire to and study, in Iran. You obviously know precious little of Iran.

Anonymous said...

Your comment is among the dumbest comments I have ever heard.

Anonymous said...

As noted earlier, this is indeed a remarkable achievement for Iranian Navy and its engineers, technicians and hull builders. These are over 300 and 1400 ton vessels armed with latest missiles. IRIN is now on its way to having over a dozen modern Frigates and new fleet tenderer with helicopter squadron carrying capacity is also being built.This will strengthen the blue water capability.

The SINA class FAC Corvettes even have a FLIR on top of the bridge. WELL DONE IRIN.

Unknown said...

Why do you think the "Tondar" hovercraft is a modified british SR.N6, and not a "true" new iranian hovercraft?

Anonymous said...

This comments (except few), show how "valuable brains" come to this blog...

Even China and others try to build the copies...


Unknown said...

Magellan became the first to reach the Pacific (from the atlantic) on the this day on Nov 28, 1520.
I wonder if the Iranian regime is sophisticated enough to plan this event on this day.

B.M.A said...


so you are saying the hovercrafts Iran unveiled that shocked the military world was also a fraud -i mean copies from a BRITISH MODEL--You must be the unhappiest MAN IN HE WORLD! ALWAYS HAVING A RUNNING STOMACH WHENEVER Iran BREAKS DOWN NEW GROUND in technology!the good news is that you are a Doctor!!!!

Anonymous said...

For the pessimists and sad unbelievers.

In this video you will see a hovercraft be manufactured inside the country.

Anonymous said...

This latest indigenously manufactured piece of machinery by Iran is even better than the ones they bought from Britain in the 70s, having more capabilities than the original models. Its dimensions are not much different than that of a large patrol vessel, but it is able to carry more powerful weaponry and other abilities due to its superior characteristics vis a vis an ordinary patrol vessel. Basically a patrol vessel on steroids.

Anonymous said...

Jabber Fazeli MD

Please prescribe some medication to B.M.A.
I would say the patient is suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:51 AM

Those reconditioned or "manufactured" copies carry the same flaws as the original models.
Therefor those 1970s machines are no match against any 21st century military machine without proper air cover, unless the navy faces Somali pirates and their rowboats.

Anonymous said...

you are :) !! and your comments more :) !! and when time com you will be :(