Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Thank you and peace to you!

Anonymous said...

The first colonists were J. Smith and his entourage, who came from England. So, the "Pilgrims" were not the first because they came later.

Then, what is that thanksgiving all about and why the turkeys use to be killed when the president release one of them.

Seems to me that the Christians do not have a tradition which requires "sacrificial" kilings of animals....

Unknown said...

@anon 10:05
Thanks for the comment.

All historical facts aside, I find thanksgiving to be a great tradition whether we eat turkey or ham.
I hope all will find quiet and peace on this day.

Anonymous said...

Another excuse for Americans to over eat. Especially to stuff their faces with that extremely dry, tasteless animal, Turkey.

Anonymous said...

“The Thanksgiving story is an absolution of the Pilgrims, whose brutal quest for absolute power in the New World is made to seem both religiously motivated and eminently human…. The Mayflower's cultural heirs are programmed to find glory in their own depravity, and savagery in their most helpless victims, who can only redeem themselves by accepting the inherent goodness of white Americans.”

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving is much more than a lie – if it were that simple, an historical correction of the record of events in 1600s Massachusetts would suffice to purge the "flaw" in the national mythology. But Thanksgiving is not just a twisted fable, and the mythology it nurtures is itself inherently evil. The real-life events – subsequently revised – were perfectly understood at the time as the first, definitive triumphs of the genocidal European project in New England. The near-erasure of Native Americans in Massachusetts and, soon thereafter, from most of the remainder of the northern English colonial seaboard was the true mission of the Pilgrim enterprise - Act One of the American Dream. African Slavery commenced contemporaneously - an overlapping and ultimately inseparable Act Two.

The last Act in the American drama must be the "root and branch" eradication of all vestiges of Act One and Two – America's seminal crimes and formative projects. Thanksgiving as presently celebrated – that is, as a [I]national political[/I] event – is an affront to civilization.

[B]The End of American Thanksgivings: A Cause for Universal Rejoicing
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford[/B]

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:05 PM

Don't Muslims sacrifice sheep and camels for their rituals?

Anon 12:22 PM

You want to see what savagery looks like,then look at the regimes of Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Chopping of hands and heads and hanging innocent people from construction cranes.
You are full of hate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:08 PM. That's right, Turkey is not nice to eat. Not only is it extremely dry, but it only tastes of whatever else it's cooked with.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:04PM

In modern monotheistic religions,Jews first, invented sacrificial slauthers.

Regarding most American "christians" and "jews", they only pretend to serve the God and in reality they serve more the (de)EVIL and their thanksgiving has that meaning by many people's perception.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:04 PM. That's a weak attempt at changing the subject. Even the worst excesses of Iran and Saudi Arabia are dwarfed by the veritable behemoth of savagery committed by the early, European colonists of the Americas, in their real holocaust and crimes against humanity, committed against the native Americans and African slaves taken there.