Monday, February 17, 2014

Padideh 'Legend City' tourist resort at Kish, under construction

Another ambitious Padideh construction project taking shape: the "Legend City" tourist resort at Kish Island

Multiple boom concrete pumps employed at Padideh "Legend City" construction site at Kish

Lineup of heavy construction vehicles at Padideh "Legend City" construction site

Deployment of heavy construction vehicles to Padideh "Legend City" construction site. Note at left the ancient fortress themed Kish Restaurant, another Padideh project.

Rendering of completed Padideh "Legend City" which includes five towers with heights of 250 meters

Rendering of luxury rooftop details for tower of completed Padideh "Legend City"



Mark Pyruz said...

On the eve of Vienna nuclear talks, it's important to consider these ambitious private sector (non-IRGC) construction projects that are currently and actively taking shape in Iran.

The idea that Iran's economy is so battered by sanctions that it has "forced" them into negotiations where they are expected to "rollback" their nuclear program is flawed in key respects. That it has been adversely affected is not in dispute but that it is in "ruins" is not bourn out by certain points of evidence, nor is it a realistic expectation for Iran to surrender its nuclear program or elements of its national sovereignty. Adherence to such flawed perceptions will likely result in another round of miscalculated negotiations and failure, of which there have been a number in the past.

Nader Uskowi said...

The sanctions have not battered all sectors of the Iranian economy, certainly not the IRGC. By controlling ports and foreign exchange payment systems, the IRGC has indeed prospered under the sanctions regime. Today 80 percent of the country’s economy is indeed controlled by the organization. And the private sector is practically driven into bankruptcy as a result of those sanctions. BTW, IRGC also controls Kish Island and its main business activities. Today, by far the biggest “non-governmental” business enterprises are directly IRGC-controlled or in some cases, like Babak Zanjani enterprises, IRGC front companies.

Anonymous said...

and the companies affiliated to khamenei through trusts set up.

in amazes how much naive one can be not to believe that most of these contruction sites are indeed controlled by IRGC and never finished. I for myself saw one of the so called malls in 2011 half finished and when I visited the same place in 2013, it was still unfinished. I gather the front companies using dollar at government rates and selling the said money in open market rates.

as a matter of interest we never see a picture of any newly established "private" company posted as a symbol of free enterprize in Iran? it would be interesting to see if Mark can dig and find one?

Anonymous said...

These are very primtive projects, riddled with corruption, theft and most certainly the IRGC.

Mark, you're just a damn liar. Why don't you live in Iran for a while and report from there? I know why you don't, because you're frightened to death of the prospect of posting on a blog in Iran, but just I would ask rhetorically.

Anonymous said...

funny you said that. there was another blogger in this site called amir taheri that left and went to iran to run a coffee shop. the last time i checked his had not been updated since June 2012! your guess is as good as mine what happened to him.