Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Pics: Mashhad Megamall, under construction

Very recent photos of the the highly active Mashhad Megamall construction site

Nearly a dozen tower cranes in evidence at the Mashhahd Megamall construction site

Where steel skeleton frame construction meets rebar reinforced concrete

Iranian construction workers tending a rebar grid

One of nearly a dozen tower cranes employed at the construction site

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Anonymous said...

Iran's malls are the worst in the world by far. Malls in Africa have more modern and desired products at better prices. You can't buy anything good in Iran unless you pay at least 50 percent more (IN DOLLARS!) than you would in the u.s. due to the corruption black market every filthy government or other official wantng their cut.

Mark knows all of this that's why he lives in beautiful California in the greatest country in the world and not that Hell that he propagandists dishonestly.