Friday, February 21, 2014

Guardian Council Chairman Warns of ‘Underground Network’ with America

Within Country’s Officialdom
Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, the chairman of Iran’s powerful Guardian Council, told a crowd at Friday’s Prayer in Tehran that some Iranian officials are attempting to establish secret relations with the United States.

“A number of people are trying to build an underground network for relations with America,” said Jannati. “Every time there is an opportunity, a number of America-worshipers with America-friendship … deep within their existence will say something.” (ISNA/Al-Monitor, 21 February)

The ayatollah did not disclose any names, but addressed those officials directly from the Prayer’s pulpit:

“The people accept neither America nor you. Why are you separating your path from the people? What you are doing is futile and will not reach results. However, … the people are not with you, and as long as the people do not want it, nothing will take place.”

But Jannati singled out Iran’s nuclear negotiators and warned them not to enter into negotiations with the United States outside nuclear issue.

“Do not interfere in other work,” Jannati said. “We will not allow you to enter into other issues during the meetings to solve the nuclear issue. We will not give up our rights, and we want nothing more than our rights.” (ISNA/Al-Monitor, 21 February)

File photo: Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati. (Al Arabiya) 


Anonymous said...

That Jannati is a liar. The "underground network" was Mojtaba who was sent to the US with a begging bowl before 2013 presidential selections to secretly negotiate Islamic regimes capitulation to western demands.Nothing must be taken at face value with these criminals.

Anonymous said...

Not related to the topic but an interesting video that shows how the Iranian border guards were taken prisoner by Jeish Ul Adl.

As one can see...the terrorist's success was entirely due to the laxity and poor readiness of the Iranian border guards. One can only hope that such poor discipline isn't common in the other segments of the Iranian army, but it might be too much to hope for. As history has proven...poor readiness and lack of discipline is all too common in Middle Eastern (Arab armies) ...Iran is apparently not any different to other Arab armies in that regard. Now compare and contrast what happened in this videoclip to situations facing the US Army or Marine Corps. It's hard to imagine that a few militants would be able to just walk in and arrest just a lone US army soldier or a Marine, let alone a squad.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:14 PM......Saw the film and I was shocked by these border guards lack of preparation. Who the hell trained these men? They should have had two men on watch duty while the others on rest and so on. The five border guards were caught knapping in their tent by three terrorists.

Anonymous said...

"Iran is apparently not any different to other Arab armies"! Really? With that, you destroyed any credibility you may have had.

Anonymous said...

"It's hard to imagine that a few militants would be able to just walk in and arrest just a lone US army soldier or a Marine, let alone a squad." Oh really?

You must not have heard about the case of Private First Class Kristian Menchaca and Private First Class Thomas L. Tucker of the US Army, who were captured and killed in Iraq, in 2006. You probably also have not heard of the cases of Ahmed Kousay al-Taie; Keith Matthew Maupin; Brian Freeman, Jacob Fritz, Jonathan Chism and Shawn Falter; Alex Ramon Jimenez, Joseph John Anzack and Byron Wayne Fouty; all of whom were US Army soldiers who were also captured and killed, in Iraq.

How about the case of Bowe Bergdahl, another soldier of the US Army who was captured in Afghanistan and is currently being held as a prisoner of war?

Anonymous said...

Iran is not at all like Arab armies because Arabs have crushed Iran from the 600s to Saddam

Anonymous said...

9:14, those Iranians are prisoners under an oppressive regime. It takes all the courage they have not to kill themselves every morning never mind being prepared for an ambush.

That's why it's such an unspeakably evil thing for Iranians living comfortably in the west to lie about and organize the regime.

Anonymous said...

Jannati belongs underground.

Anonymous said...

If Pakistan can punish militants using its airforce then why cant Iran?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 21, 2014 at 9:14 PM, has no more expert opinion to offer!