Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Negotiations for Comprehensive Deal on Iran Nuclear Program Begins in Vienna

The negotiation for a comprehensive agreement on Iranian nuclear program began today in Vienna, with Iranian negotiators meeting one-on-one with their U.S. and European counterparts.
Iran’s deputy foreign minister and nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi told reporters that the talks had started well and added that for Iran, any dismantling of nuclear program and facilities “is not on the agenda.”

Iran and P5+1 signed an interim agreement in Geneva that would expire on 24 July. The two sides were hoping to strike a final comprehensive deal by the deadline. But considering the difficulties to resolve all the complicated technical and political issues, the interim agreement could potentially be extended until late December.

A final agreement should also resolve all issues embedded in a series of UN Security Council resolutions, including a prohibition against ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.
Representatives of Iran, the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and the European Union at talks in Vienna. Tuesday, 18 February. (Dieter Nagl/AFP/Getty Images/New York Times)


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Another fingers-crossed moment for a deal.

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