Thursday, February 20, 2014

Iran technology exhibition, on sidelines of Islamic Nations Conference

Iran technology exhibition on the sidelines of Islamic Nations Conference held in Tehran.

Part of the AEOI "Atoms for Peace" display at the Iran technology exhibition: Iran's nuclear fuel assemblies, IR-40 type dummy at right.

Display of various Iranian nuclear reactor fuel related assemblies 

Collection of display cutaways of various IR-type nuclear centrifuge units

Cutaway scale model of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

Foreground: display of Iranian satellite models:  Toulou, Omid and unidentified
Background: display scale models of Iranian IRILVs including Safir and Simorgh types

Pahpad, AB-3 (Seeker-1) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Display of various Iranian manufactured medical and scientific related products

Example of Iranian manufactured herbal drug product, ANGIPARS

Photos: Siamak Ebrahimi at Tasnim News Adency


Nader Uskowi said...

Nicely done exhibition.

Anonymous said...

I would rather Mark publishes these real stuff rather than filling the blog with pictures of cranes

B.M.A said...

LONG live the ISLAMIC REVOLUTION !.And may peace be upon Him [the Father of the revolution]

LONG live the Persian sage of our time Leader Khamenei for HIS wise direction of the Nation to embrace and invest in science and technology,

LONG LIVE the establishment for allocating enough funds on these fields and other noble research projects that are manned and solely in the hands of our Brothers and Sisters in the Nation away from the influence of foreigners.

LONG live the NATION !,this is a country under a punitive sanctions regime ,this is a country under a global media onslaught and a Nation of practicing Muslims. this event among others that the Nation has attempted to show what it can afford, is another glowing manifestation that ISLAM -does not suffocate science and research,and that ISLAM does not suffocate talent and tech,.

WELL, folding my arms and dedicating much time on Al jazeera ,im expecting the UAE and SAUDI Arabia- the most shinning models of western friendship- to roll out their own scientific projects in days ! and prove to the world that slaughtering your honor and potential at the alter of 'partnership',free trade, and perpetually kissing the feet the B.O.D-[beacon of democracy ] is only the best thing since sliced bread !!.

Anonymous said...

@B.M.A........ "ISLAM -does not suffocate science"

Islam simply suffocate people.

Anonymous said...

black man adam.

if islam was the root cause of progress why non of you in arabia and africa cannot match this?

it is nothing to do with allah and mohammad. it is due to iranian culture and values.

Anonymous said...

What is your problem with black people?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:55 PM is BMA masquerating as Anon as usual playing the race card. No Iranian will care about these people bar Mr Uskowi who does not mind couple of these people polutting this website to keep the numbers up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 22, 2014 at 3:14 AM, is not healthy.

Anonymous said...

back to nonsence by anon 10:47 AM. AKA BMA.

Mr Uskowi, when are you going to get rid of this nusance sir?

hans1066 said...

The IR-40 assemblies look
a lot like RBMK assemblies although. Also very similar to ADE assemblies. Sure they had some help.